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5 Reasons You Need A Recruitment And Selection Policy

A solid recruitment and selection policy will result in the appointment of the best candidate, based on merit and best-fit with your organisational goals.

5 Things NOT to Do When an Employee Resigns

Reacting correctly to an employee who gives notice will smooth out his or her experience. If the employee has a good experience with you on the way out, your other employees will know about it. Here are five...

Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description

Every candidate expects to see a job description if they are going to consider a career move. What sort of impression are you creating if you can’t even provide a potential new employee with a detailed...

Recruiting Secrets LinkedIn Probably Doesn’t Want You to Know

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Ninh Tran from Hiretual. His opinions are his own. Recruiting and job seeking have become significantly more challenging as offers are given out only to candidates...

The Non-Recruiters Guide To Hiring Terms

Purple squirrels? Job Hoppers? Stay Interviews? Buy-Backs? Recruitment terminology can sometimes be confusing - especially for a non-recruiter. Check out our list of some typical recruitment terms and their...

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How to Conduct a Proper 30-Day Post-Hire Checkin

New staff members are still fairly vulnerable after a month in their new role. This is why the 30-day post-hire checkin is crucial. You can discuss whether your initial expectations are being met while your new team member can share with you whether...

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