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Trent Krupp

Trent Krupp

San Francisco, California

Former Hired Executive and agency recruiter leveraging multiple channels to deliver candidates for any role.

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My Recruiting Experience

Technology is my first love. In High School I got Cisco Certified to be a no-nonsense neckbeard sys-admin, and then, jump ahead, I ran a recruitment agency specialized in high frequency trading (FPGAs, low-latency, C/C++, sockets, etc). That agency got acquired by Hired, which as head of revenue, I grew to thousands of tech placements a year. I'm well versed!
Roles hired:
full-stack backend data science devops web apps mobile distributed computing blockchain frontend engineering manager vp of engineering
Hired Virtu (Nasdaq:VIRT) Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Amazon Uber Lyft Facebook
As a former head of revenue, I understand the nuances of the sales discipline. if you are still hiring generalists and figuring it out, or looking to finally hire the right Enterprise AE, this is my jam.. I understand these roles intimately as I personally had to hire for them. I also managed the Sales-category at Hired, that specialized in SDR, AE and AM hiring in tech companies.
Roles hired:
SDR BDR Sales Ops CRO director account executive account manager customer success
Hired SalesforceIQ ClearSlide Dropbox
I remember hiring my first head of marketing. That was an important hire, and perhaps the hardest one to get right in the early days. Early on you want a leader that can do-do-do and later on you need really great specialists to own and master your channels. I get it. This is where the rubber meets the road. Recruiting here is probably the hardest outside of engineering. I'm good luck.
Roles hired:
marketing manager head of marketing cmo demand generation content paid marketing performance marketing design email data
Hired Talkable Lattice
I have a deep appreciation for HR as a former operator at a high growth start up. I've personally hired recruiters and senior HR professionals, and have participated in VP/SVP level searches from the inside. I know what you are looking for whether its comp and ben or just a great BP. My old team from Hired populates many of the top recruitment teams in the valley.
Roles hired:
business partner recruiter sourcer director SVP VP CPO compensation and benefits HRIS
Hired Constitution Group Credit Sesame

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
United States: New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago
I have been consulting for 9 months with half of my clients being either outside of SF or fully distributed teams. Hired was a distributed team and I am comfortable working on whatever wherever.

Trent is an effective Executive with a thoughtful strategic approach. He also has a developed a unique process and strategy to recruiting top talent. He stands out among recruiters as someone who partners effectively with his clients to align recruiting strategy with business strategy. I recommend him highly and hope we have the chance to work together again soon.

Jesse Levey Chief Operating Officer, Credit Sesame, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Head of Revenue 2013 - 2017
Managing Consultant 2009 - 2013
Executive Recruiter 2007 - 2009
International Internship Programs 2006 - 2007
Interim Head of Talent 2017 - 2017
Interim Talent Partner 2018 - current
University of Wisconsin - Madison 2005
Babson University 2006

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