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Tor Cannady

Tor Cannady

Washington, District of Columbia

Experienced and seasoned technical recruiter and recruiting consultant, with 10 years of full life cycle recruiting.

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My Recruiting Experience

Information Technology Recruiting: I have been recruiting in the Washington D.C. Metro area for 10 years. My experience includes supporting clients locally, nationally, and overseas. Mainly focused on recruiting cleared and non-cleared Technical professionals.
Roles hired:
I've also recruited for Information Technology positions such as SharePoint Professionals CISSP MCSE CCNA CCNP MCP PMP CISM Enterprise Service Desk Technical Writer Network Design Engineers Analysts Architects Program Managers IT Directors Security Web Designers/Developers Enterprise Systems Forensics Programmers Software ASP ASP.NET VB VB.Net JAVA JavaScript ColdFusion PHP CSS J2EE C+ C# Ruby Rails HTML XHTML Design Web 2.0 SharePoint Help Desk Cisco Juniper routers switches Citrix VMware virtual server Google Director Headhunter Oracle SQL Server MySQL Access DBA Windows Linux UNIX Macintosh Remedy Blackberry Cyber Security SaaS and Service Virtualization. Cleared Technical Roles: Software Engineers Systems Administrators Network Administrators Systems Engineers Network Engineers Information Security Specialists Systems Analysts Systems Integrators Database Developers Software Testers QA Engineers Finance and Budget Analysts Instructional Systems Designers Trainers Configuration Managers Project Managers Project Integrators Intel Analysts and more
Lockheed Martin General Dynamics Capital One Fannie Mae Freddie Mac AOL SAIC Leidos First Data M&T Bank Booz Allen Hamilton Juniper Networks Marriott International Sutherland Global Services Wells Fargo and ORBCOMM

Where I work...

Washington, District of Columbia
United States: Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Raleigh, Atlanta, Miami, Baltimore, Houston, Nashville, Buffalo, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles
Experienced and seasoned technical recruiter and recruiting consultant, with 10 years of full life cycle recruiting for Information Technology (IT) and the Intelligence Community (IC). Consistently demonstrates strong leadership and the ability to achieve organization's hiring goals and objectives. Maintained strong relationships with assigned clients and employees to ensure timely delivery of services. Excellent problem solver and motivated, experienced professional with an extremely successful career track record. Extremely comfortable in presenting to diverse groups and forming lasting mutually beneficial partnerships in Federal |Government as well as with Commercial clients.

Tor is an elite professional who's actions speak way louder than his words, he delivers on time, and follows direction perfectly. I will ensure he works for G9 for life.

Michael Johnson

Tor is detail oriented, fast learner and very friendly. He brings a high level of professionalism and dedication. Tor is a great sourcing and talent acquisition professional and I recommend him highly for positions of greater responsibility.

Raul Dinzey

Tor is the kind of associate you want "in your foxhole" at all times! His passion to help veterans, his strong work ethic (always seemed to be the last man standing each night), and his unique ability to link qualified candidates to the appropriate jobs and employers assures that the "best possible fit" is always created for his clients. Tor exhibits superior skills in understanding both veterans and employer needs and in translating those needs into exceeding both of their expectations by uncovering and identifying veteran candidates who offer an optimal mix of talent and qualification for each position he recruits. Tor was an invaluable asset to our team and I have no doubt that he will be an exceptional addition to yours as well!

Michael Palumbo

I have had the pleasure of working with Tor. He has the ability to influence others and impact their lives enabling them to maximize their full potential. He effectively dealt with the pressures of the job. He works well with people. He's very approachable, committed and available. I enjoyed working with him. Tor is a solid "PROFESSIONAL".

Tommie Womack
America's Inspirational Poet

Tommie Womack ★ (LION)

Tor is an excellent resource for assisting in the employment of veterans. He is passionate and extremely detailed in his approach. I've participated in employer panels Tor has put together and all were well-attended and organized. Tor is an advocate for the veteran community and an asset for any company looking to bring skilled individuals into their workforce.

Alex Verhulst

Tor was an enthusiastic addition to VSN. His contribution to the pilot program between my organization and his proved effective and a true value add.

Roy Lee

Tor is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He has used his true passion to help others to develop a career where he can make an impact daily. There should be more individuals like Tor, that will shape the face of the world. Veterans are the backbone of this nation, and I am so happy that the ones that get a chance to work with Tor will be rewarded with a career that deserves their unmatched skills.

Michaela Blanchard

Tor's ability to identify a solution before the problem becomes one is just how he operates. His focus, calmness and sense of humor really makes him both effective and genuine. Anybody working for, with or beside Tor will quickly see his passion for helping people and getting the job done!

Ryan Riley

Tor is a dedicated professional who has a strong grasp on social media, leveraging his contacts and connections to drive sales and generate bottom line results.

Jon Hardin

I first met Tor as a high energy young recruiter. Tor has worked countless hours tirelessly, and perfected his craft. Tor has been a shining champion for veterans throughout the time I have know him. I have actually refered several veterans to Tor as a recruiter myself. As a former Director and a current Program Manager I would hire Tor with absolutely no reservation as a Lead Recruiter and even as a Recruiting Manager. Tor has the experience, the work ethic, and the drive to assist veterans in getting hired. It is my sincere belief that you could not find a better applicant for any recruiting leadership or recruiting position that he decides to apply for.

George Kinchen III , MBA

I have worked with Tor and found him to be a professional and helpful recruiter. He has energy and dedication to helping the candidates find positions that match their skill sets.

His call backs were timely and he was always knowledgeable about requirements and status of the available opportunites.

I would not hesitate to work with Tor again.

Gregory Myer

There is an energy that come from Tor the first time you meet him. He is always smiling and since I’ve known him, he has always had a can do attitude to get things done. He has been generous not only with his time but also his willingness to open up his network to allow his team of supporters to assist in helping to get things done and to help make a difference. His insight, knowledge and conviction to the cause is why I’m pleased to call Tor not only a great business partner but also a friend.
Jim Hatch Founder The WorkForce Channel

Jim Hatch

Tor was a very energetic and detailed recruiter. He was very passionate about helping veterans get employment and his professionalism was remarkable. He was always ready to take on a new task and ensured that he delivered results on time.

Callia Crossman

Mr. Cannady's expertise, integrity, and professionalism are exuded in all that he does. My experiences in dealing with Mr. Cannady through his efforts to support Veterans recruitment were par excellence. I would recommend to any Veteran looking for work to engage with Mr. Cannady and stand by, ready to be wowed.

Matthew Coble

Tor has been keeping up with me consistently and always follows through with what he says he is going to do. I respect his persistence and straightforward honest communication. I would recommend Tor to anyone considering to work with him, or to engage and purchase the services he is representing.

Deanna Richards

Tor is an outstanding recruiter. He goes beyond the usual expected recruitment standards. He has the unique ability to develop rapport through his honest and constant communication throughout the hiring process. He is highly adept in his use of social media. I highly recommend Tor as a trusted, dependable, hard working and very professional technical recruiter.

Kerry Andrew Huba PMP, CSM, ITIL

Tor is a target-oriented, ambitious, and results driven person who knows how to connect veterans with employers. He assisted me with civilianizing my resume when I retired from the Army. He provided great advice on how to connect with perspective employers and referred me to an interview coach. His assistance was extremely beneficial and helped eliminate the anxiety that I experienced as I transitioned from green to gray.

Carla Reed

Tor Cannday is an enterprising professional who is dedicated to serving his clients, and gives special attention to those who have served our country. As a person that grew up in a military family he is keenly aware of the sacrifices made by military members and the transition to civilian life that they make upon completing their service.

Tor uses technology to help his clients and has impressive accomplishments:
- Employs webinars to help veterans translate their skills and accomplishments into civilian language
- Introduced over 2,000 veterans and spouses into training & coaching curriculum to assist in job readiness
- Placed over 100 veterans in full-time positions across several industries

Peter DeFreece

Tor Cannaday is an exceptionally hard working professional who has devoted considerable time and energy to help fellow veterans in their career transition. Some of his many accomplishments in this area include: holding dozens of webinars to teach military veterans how to translate their skills and accomplishments into civilian language, introducing over 2,000 veterans and military spouses into training and career coaching curriculum to assist in job readiness, and placing over 100 veterans in full-time positions across several industries. Coming from a family with a long track record of military service, Tor continues to "give back" by helping those veterans entering the civilian market find meaningful employment.

Carl Savino

Tor Cannady is a driven young man, who sets his mind to accomplishing a goal and never strays. During my time with Tor at Hampton University, I was able to learn about Tor and his personal pursuit towards happiness. He is a man, who is willing to lead as well as follow when he requires guidance. In addition, he is always willing to help his fellow peers whenever a situation arises. Tor Cannady is a wonderful addition to any team.

Adric Kennedy

A few years ago I met Tor Cannady by chance. We were attending a seminar or training event. What I do remember is we were in the parking lot talking about careers, backgrounds and what our pursuit to success would be. We exchanged contact information and parted ways. We remained connected here on LinkedIn. I say all this because that brief encounter with Tor, left a positive impression on me. Throughout our engagement on LinkedIn, I have become to know that Tor Cannady is a great individual and professional who does care about what he does and the outcome and consequences of his actions. He is laser focused on taking care of the veteran community, and for that I am really thankful to Tor. Wonderful human being.

Jamal S. Baadani, MHRM

Looking for exceptional professionalism, follow-through, amazing recruiting and resume building skills?? Look no further--Tor Cannady is your man. Tor has provided the highest level of professionalism, job training and preparation, compassion and drive when it comes to his clients. He genuinely strives for success with his clients, not only in employment opportunities, but in every aspect of life. It was truly a pleasure to work with someone like him.

Jasmine M. Musgrave

It was a pleasure work with Tor as our Lead Military Recruiter. His ability to find key personnel was outstanding and his skill to match the candidate with the qualifications was superior. Highly recommend Tor as a key recruiter in any organization that is look for high quality applicants that will fill the needs of your clients.

Anthony B. George
VP, Human Resources
Easter Seals Serving DCIMDIVA

Anthony George

I have known Tor for for some time.. he is a true professional. He is ethical, honest, has a high level of integrity, smart, and knows the market. I would recommend him for any organisation.. he will be a great asset to any team...


“Since our college years, Tor has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. As a center of influence, many community leaders seek his advice and support. For these reasons, I highly recommend Tor Cannady as a candidate for any endeavor.”

-Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott
Positions held:
RDM: Military Recruitment 2014 - 2015
Lead Military Recruiter 2013 - 2014
Senior Technical Recruiter 2009 - 2013
Technical Recruiter/Account Manager 2007 - 2009
Senior Advisor 2014 - current

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