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Shenko Incorporation

Shenko Incorporation

, New Jersey

The place may vary and requirements might change, but knowing you are insured by dedication makes our recruitment business work. Globally.

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My Recruiting Experience

Fuelling gentrified residual network connections for business intermediates. We are pleased to service for recommended financial, governmental and real estate corporations of all sizes.
Roles hired:
Wealth Manager Financial Analyst Capital Management
LoanOpps Guy Carpenter Interactive Brokers Marsh & McLennan
Establishing, technological sound and financial system application to help new clients is work. We aim service each clients needs with a basic philosophy carved into our core. Prosperity equals “Connecting People”.
Roles hired:
Cyber Technology Analyst Systems Administrator Network Administrators Network Engineer Active Clearance Engineer
Akima Lookingglass Cyber Solutions AIS Indeed Prime NASA Federal Credit Union
Projects of all sorts are powered by amazing people. Individuals of all kinds are the backbone to any organization, and we pride ourselves at connecting amazing talent with reputable clients.
Roles hired:
HRIS Human Resource Manager Human Resource Generalist Recruiter
Pinobal Real Estate Centra Healthcare Solutions PPL Labs Burning Glass Technologies
Qualifying requires specialization in this field, and with regularity being rejection prevails, roles rely on network connection. We make those links happen.
Roles hired:
Corporate Attorney
Forest Hills Law Office

Where I work...

, New Jersey
United States: St. Louis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Holland, Boston, Hoboken, Greenwich; Canada: Montreal, Ontario
Crowdsourcing entitlements along with procurement network models have bridged gaps within the uncharted realms of talent acquisition.

More than ever, millennial generation credit is due. Effectively, we were seeking help from someone with a strong reputation. Needless to say, recruiting was methodical and professional. It says a lot when the person you work with displays confidence, is reliable and has previous recommendations. Believe it when we say, service as described, you will not be let down. This is not a third-party recruiter, but "a professional" indeed. 5/5.

Greatest Acknowledgements,

Squib Corporate Team

Squib Incorporation --, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Corporate Affairs Executive 2010 - 2010
Executive Recruiter 2016 - 2018
Director 2018 - current
The Pennsylvania State University 2015
The Pennsylvania State University 2014

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