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Shawndetta Miller

Shawndetta Miller

New York, New York

As a HR Professional I am committed to utilize all of my resources to get the job done by producing results efficiently and effectively.

HR Technology Operations
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My Recruiting Experience

Many years of experience in the Technology field has given me an opportunity to enhance my specialty as a recruiter who has filled many IT roles. My solid IT background has been a great advantage when sourcing and interviewing candidates. It's rewarding to me when I am able to please my clients and my candidate.
Roles hired:
IT consultant project manager software engineer IT executive Developer Engineer software ect
Clients remain confidential
Operations is one of my specialties due to the fact that I have successfully placed qualified candidates consistently and have broaden my relationship successfully with quite a few pleased clients.
Roles hired:
supply chain operations manager engineer operations supervisor
Clients remain confidential
HR has always been one of my top list specialty, I've lived it, and studied it. Obtaining a degree, MBA - Human Resource Management and I've lived it by focusing on HR throughout my professional career. I've had the responsibility of filling various job orders, Sourcing, Interviewing, performing entrance and exit interviews. My career in Human Resources has been rewarding in so many ways. When the client and the candidate are pleased, that is when I know I've accomplished yet another task in my specialty.
Roles hired:
I have recruited for the following opportunities. Human Resource Manager HR Executive Senior Recruiter HR Director HR analyst. etc
Our clients have requested that their names and service remain confidential

Where I work...

New York, New York
United States: California, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, Massachusetts
I will accept recruiting roles in ALL states my ability to recruit for various clients in various fields is never limited by location. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to let you know if I do service your location.

Shawndetta's business acumen, professionalism, and ability to generate rapport with peers, candidates, and clients make her a valuable asset to any team. She also has a great ability of building strong rapport with candidates, coworkers and management...and this is one of the reasons why she is an effective/successful recruiter and would be an asset to any organization I would recommend Shawndetta either as an individual contributor or in executive management capacity.

Jahson Bevans Senior Front End Developer, Atmosphere Proximity, LinkedIn profile

I have worked with Shawndetta since October 2013. She's a hard working recruiter that always has a great attitude and works very hard at finding the very best candidates possible for a variety of industries.

Sean Margalit Sr. Recruiter / Business Development, Recruiting Experts, LinkedIn profile

I have had the pleasure of working with Shawndetta closely and through my experience it is very apparent that she is a true professional whomever she interacts with and an advocate to our ever evolving recruitment profession.Shawndetta is a dedicated and focused individual who shows determination in doing the best job possible. She has always given me value-added assistance in all that was asked of her, and I give her my highest recommendation.

Josh Slimmer Principal, Jericho HR Group, LinkedIn profile

I have known Shawndetta Miller for quite a number of years, she is one of the most dedicated hard working recuiter I have ever met. When it comes to getting the work done she always persistent in starting a task and finishing it in a timely fashion.

Carole McPherson Human Resources Professional, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Senior Executive Recruiter Consultant for various clients 2014 - current
Virtual Recruiter Contract Assignment 2013 - 2014
Executive Recruiter Consultant 2012 - 2013
Director of Recruitment Consultant 2009 - 212
Project Manager IT Devision 2003 - 2009
Virtual Recruiter Contract Assignment 2013
William W. Professional Staffing 2015
Senior Executive Recruiter Consultant for various clients 2014

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