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Shawn Petty

Shawn Petty

Indianapolis, Indiana

Unconventional recruiter leading the industry by extracting data.

Technology Accounting / Finance
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100 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

Information Technology is my strongest area in the recruiting field. There is a vast amount of data on professionals in this market. Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even YouTube have been great sources from me in the past. Professionals in this marketplace learn online; this is where you are going to find them.
Roles hired:
Software Engineer Technical Architect Project Manager Business Analyst Data Governance BI/ERP Developer Data Analyst... etc
Uline ZS Associates American Family Insurance CNO Angie's List Salesforce Crowe Horwath
In this field, you need to think out of the box and reach out to a lot of candidates. Loyalty is very high due to the level of politics in this field. You do not want to tick off the wrong person everyone will know about it. CPA directories, Going Concern, LinkedIn, and competitor websites are where I have had success in the past.
Roles hired:
Auditor Accountant Tax Analyst Accounting Manager Tax Manager Audit Manager Staff Accountant..... etc
Crowe Horwath Patrick Industries Uline

Where I work...

Indianapolis, Indiana
United States: Chicago, Sacramento, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Tampa, Austin, Cleveland, Pittsburgh
I can source, extract data, and interview candidates anywhere in the United States. Hire me to build a list of candidates and have me reach out to them utilizing unique methods outside of LinkedIn Inmails.

I have worked with Shawn in the past and it was a pleasure. He proved himself to be a critical part of the team. He often came up with innovative and out of the box ideas to attract the best talent for our company. In addition to his regular work, he held many trainings for team members on best practices that was proven be successful.

Bridgette Higgs Corporate Recruiter, UL, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Senior Recruiter 2016 - 2017
Talent Acquisition Consultant (Contract) 2015 - 2016
Campus Recruiter (Contract) 2014 - 2014
Corporate Recruiter (Contract) 2014 - 2014
Lead Recruiter 2013 - 2013
Contract Recruiter (Contract) 2013 - 2013
Technical Recruiter 2012 - 2012
Managing Partner 2018 - current
Director of Staffing 2017 - 2018
Purdue University 2012
Self Taught 2016
Access / Excel 2012

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