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Seral Sofi

Seral Sofi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Recruitment specialist with over 10 years experience in the GCC and UK with boutique and global recruiting firms.

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2 projects $2,019 average cost
Marketing is everywhere and everything; it bombards us in all aspects of our lives and we absorb it every waking moment! Marketers are also everywhere! There is no shortage of people claiming to be the most professional, creative, avante-garde and savvy. What differentiates them is the critical eye and that questionable integrity of dedicated recruiters like Seral who understand the nuances that seasoned marketing professionals characteristically exude. Cherry picking the best from an endless pool of seemingly available talent has meant that Seral's clients are rewarded with some of the markets top marketers.
Roles hired:
Brand Manager Chief Marketing Officer Marketing Executive Store Marketing Manager Key Accounts Manager
Think of the buyer psychology! If you can understand your target market/customer, you will be labelled as the person who 'Can sell Ice to an Eskimo'. Seral has been in business for over 10 years and without being able to sell her services superfluously in every market she has operated in, she would not have been able to remain at the top of her game. Sourcing the best Sales personnel is a passion that drives Seral; she continues to identify quality sales people from sales pitchers always looking for honesty, integrity and the 'killer sales instinct'.
Roles hired:
Sales Director Chief Commercial Officer Sales Manager Product Specialist Sales Engineer
1 projects $1,005 average cost
Human Resources are the backbone of organisations; the right head of an HR department can mean all the difference between happy employees and disgruntled ones. Throughout her recruitment career, Seral has placed the most highly qualified and appraised HR people into her clients' workforce.
Roles hired:
OD Director HR Director Recruitment Manager HR & Administration Manager HR Coordinators
4 projects $1,003 average cost
Running successful business means finding successful and highly qualified Operations staff. Seral has been recruited onto multiple large scale public and private sector projects and business to recruit top down and bottom up. She has sourced and hired and placed full teams into business units and continues to be the first point of contact for such repeat customers.
Roles hired:
Project Director Operations Director Factory Manager Production Manager Head of Engineering Section Head
Finance is a science and Seral's approach is targeting the best talent with scientific precision. At the pulse of every organisation, big or small, is a well structured finance division and thanks the accurate recruitment support Seral gives to her client's, these enterprises' finance departments operate like clockwork!
Roles hired:
CFO Finance Director Finance Manager Accounting Manager Budgeting and Accounting Supervisor
Without a strong back office, front of house can get messy and mismanaged. Understanding this primary fact, Seral pays close attention to any office support function, ensuring that only Headhunting and thoroughly vetting potential candidates are considered for representation. "If i can't see them working for me, I will not have them work for my clients!". Placing successfully in this function for over 10 years grants Seral expertise that supersedes her piers in the market.
Roles hired:
CAO Administration Director Office Manager to CEO's Executive Assistants Company & Board Secretaries
"A Regional CEO for one of the biggest Telecoms companies in the GCC, invited me to a corporate retreat with his entire team before they took me on as their recruiter. He wanted to embed their corporate culture in my mind and show me how happy all his staff were. He then told me - hire me the best customer service team and the rest will follow - that's how I got these people". This is Seral's ethos when it comes to hiring Customer Support candidates.
Roles hired:
Customer Service Manager Customer Support Officer Branch Manager Direct Marketing Agent Customer Service Center Manager

Where I work...

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Qatar; United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi; Kuwait; Jordan
I have and continue to recruit from and in foreign markets; namely within the GCC region.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
Team Leader - Recruitment Subject Matter Expert 2012 - 2012
Managing Partner 2008 - 2012
Manager/Snr. Recruitment Consultant 2007 - 2008
Executive Director 2005 - 2007
Recruitment Manager 2002 - 2004

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