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Sean Vierth

Sean Vierth

San Diego, California

Headhunter, sometimes headshrinker, specializing in small-medium organizations. Restoring faith in recruiting humanity one resume at a time!

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My Recruiting Experience

I have a knack for recruiting in the disruptive and exciting technology space. Startups and smaller companies are my thing, but I love the big guys too. I learned from the best, and my performance will prove that. I have had 32 successful starts in the last 8 months, of which 32 are still working. I do my due diligence and make sure that I am setting both the employee and employer up for success.
Roles hired:
Junior Mid Senior and Lead varieties of Quality Assurance Server Analytics iOS Android Frontend Director of Engineering VP of Engineering
Apple Uber Google HP Microsoft Fragmob and almost Amazon *shakes fist*
I started my career in sales at Apple, and continued through a few exciting roles before switching over to recruitment. I get salespeople. I know how they tick. I speak their lingo. I have had great success recruiting salespeople for Google with the expansion of Business-view, and also have recruited numerous Sales Executives, Inside Sales, and Director of Sales positions with the expansion of a startup here in San Diego.
Roles hired:
Inside Sales roles Account Executive roles and Director of Sales roles
Google Fragmob Microsoft
As the only internal recruiter for a startup that grew from 14 to 53 employees in less than a year, we had to expand quickly, which meant administrative assistants and Office Coordinators. Experience is definitely important, but I always seek the intangible characteristics and charisma for these positions.
Roles hired:
Administrative Assistant Executive Assistant Office Coordinator Sales & Marketing Assistant
I believe recruiters always do much better at recruiting in areas of interest to them. I received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Diego State University and was very close to diving into Marketing as a full-time career choice. I was fortunate enough to be apart of a growing company that decided to bring on an internal marketing team, where I successfully recruited a Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Marketing & Events Coordinator.
Roles hired:
Marketing Manager Digital Marketing Specialist and Marketing & Events Coordinator Marketing Intern Growth Hacker

Where I work...

San Diego, California
United States: San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Atlanta, Orlando
I'm a doer and solutions thinking. I'll roll up my sleeves, pull out the map, and be up in running in minutes. I have over three years of remote recruiting experience, and really enjoy it!

Sean is an extremely talented and detailed recruiter. His insights into human communication and profiling talent are exceptional. I would highly recommend Sean for any endeavor available.

Steve Croll Sales, Operations Leader, Actively seeking new opportunities, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Lead Talent Liaison 2014 - current
Regional Recruiter 2013 - 2014
Specialist 2011 - 2013
Contract Recruiter 2014 - 2014

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