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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Seattle, Washington

Recruiting the right people for the right company at the right time

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2 projects $1,204 average cost
For over 20 years, I worked as a front line HR professional, in companies large and small, sometimes in a team, and sometimes as a soloist. I know what it takes to do the job and how HR fits within a multitude of organizations. Additionally, my network of HR professionals is wide and deep.
Roles hired:
Director of Human Resources Payroll & Benefits Specialist Human Resources Assistant Human Resources Manager Human Resources Coordinator Personnel Manager HR Business Partner Senior Legal Recruiter Recruiting Manager
Passage Events & Promotions K&L Gates Sesame Communications Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Chinook Enterprises Go Moment McKinley Irvin iTrellis
I understand the myriad of ways that marketing enhances and drives a business forward, from design to agency account management, to the brave new world of SEO and social media. If I hadn't been an HR guy, I would have been in marketing. I get it. And I know how to find the right talent for the right need.
Roles hired:
Director of Marketing Vice President of Marketing Account Manager Social Media Specialist Graphic and Web Designer SEO Specialist Product Manager Program Manager Production Artist Marketing Manager
Sesame Communications Passage Events & Promotions K&L Gates McKinley Irvin
2 projects $976 average cost
Finance and accounting professionals are the unsung heartbeat of an organization. I understand what drives motivates them, how companies need to include them, and how to determine the great from the merely good. Because of my experience in HR, I have been closely aligned with awesome finance and accounting professionals, and my network to find these talented contributors is extensive.
Roles hired:
Controller Payroll Specialist Staff Accountant Senior Accountant Financial Analyst Internal Auditor Collateral Review Analyst Accountant
Sesame Communications Passage Events & Promotions K&L Gates Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle McKinley Irvin TempCFO
3 projects $201 average cost
Although finding the right people for technology positions may seem like it should focus on specific skills and education, that is only the start. I have the experience and insight to understand the human interaction that is needed to make tech teams successful and how to find the right people to fit into that need.
Roles hired:
Application Support Software Engineer Help Desk Specialist Technical Support Specialist Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations SDET QA Manager .NET Developer Java Developer Client Training and Onboarding Specialist Senior Program Manager
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Sesame Communications K&L Gates Passage Events & Promotions iTrellis Lend Key Socrata
1 projects $855 average cost
Before I was in HR, I was a secretary; a classic, take-dictation sort of secretary. And then I was promoted to an Office Manager position. In many of my HR roles, administration ran through my world as well. I know well how intrinsic these positions are to a company and how often overlooked, or haphazard, the hiring of these critical roles can sometimes be. Having worked in the positions, I know, first hand, the needs and how to find and communicate the right story for the right person.
Roles hired:
Office Manager Legal Secretary Receptionist Executive Assistant Administrative Assistant Records Clerk Document Clerk Paralegal Legal Administrator Office Assistant
Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker Passage Events & Promotions K&L Gates Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle McKinley Irvin
1 projects $633 average cost
Customer Support extends across a broad spectrum of positions and industries. I have recruited technology on-boarding specialists for software companies, client relations managers for law firms, and a wide variety of customer facing support roles in marketing and advertising. I understand the vital nature of these roles, and the talented people who make loving their customers their top priority.
Roles hired:
Loan Specialist

Where I work...

Seattle, Washington
United States: Seattle, Anchorage, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, Portland, Spokane, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Vancouver
I have been recruiting for positions both inside and outside of Seattle since around 2000, when the marketing company I was with was establishing offices across the U.S. While at all three law firms, I worked on recruiting for positions that were based up and down the west coast, from Alaska to California.

Richard is the highest quality recruiter/HR professional I have ever worked with. His assistance in recruiting the best possible team for your entity and/or purpose will be invaluable.

Deanna Rusch Associate Attorney, McKinley Irvin, LinkedIn profile

HR is always a delicate balance between the needs of the business and the needs of the employees, but especially so in a small company working through leadership and funding transitions. Richard consistently found a ready balance between these and earned the enduring trust of everyone involved. Working through high velocity recruiting periods, organizational structure changes, and an evolving organizational culture, Richard provided a critical foundation for the company to grow and succeed. Just the recruiting alone would have been a full-time job; the fact that he handled that and the employee relations aspects of his job with equal aplomb is a testament to his skills, professionalism, and dedication.

Tim Williams Vice President, Product & Strategy, Sesame Communications, LinkedIn profile

Engaging, insightful and professional, Richard was a terrific asset to our department both during the hiring process, as well as when dealing with personnel issues. I appreciated that he innately understood that the right personal fit for an IS opening was as important as the right technical fit. Personally, I can say that I learned things from him that continue to benefit me today

Keith Harrington Manager, Application Support & Training, K&L Gates, LinkedIn profile

I worked closely with Richard while he was our consultant recruiter at FHLB Seattle. Richard recruited several key technology leadership roles for me and my team, and the results were excellent. He understood our needs, found well qualified candidates, and screened potential interviewees very effectively. I would recommend Richard's recruiting skills to anyone.

Michael Oberholtzer Chief Business Technology Officer, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, LinkedIn profile

While at the Seattle Bank, I worked with Richard in the successful recruitment and hiring of a difficult, technical accounting position. Richard was a pleasure to work with and made finding the perfect candidate easy and efficient.

Daphne Kelley Controller, VP, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, LinkedIn profile

Richard’s thorough understanding of our firm and our personnel needs allowed him to recruit several great candidates for a couple of recent open positions. He was quick to grasp what we wanted – and also what we needed, which was slightly different – so the process of hiring was simple and efficient. His customer service focus was superb and greatly appreciated. I recommend him unreservedly, and will call him again when new openings occur.

Jan McKean Business Manager, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker, 

Richard gave me my most favorite interview of all time - his questions were thoughtful, fun and he was interested in learning who I am, in addition to my work style. He is liked by everyone and he willingly offers support. I especially enjoy how creative and genuine Richard is. If I had a business with an HR department, I would certainly do what it takes to get him on board - Richard is a significant asset to any employer.

Robyn Fortier Business Solutions Analyst, K&L Gates, LinkedIn profile

Richard played a critical role towards my joining K&L Gates. I believe that one of Richard's greater talents is the ability to attract talent fitting to an organization's culture. He's a great resource and I highly recommend him...

Orton Tsun Firmwide Manager, Applications Support, K&L Gates, LinkedIn profile

Richard was a key component in my decision to join K&L Gates. He has a knack for finding the best fit for any position and a keen grasp of the complexities of hiring accordingly. Richard's interview style puts the most nervous candidate at ease, and he knows precisely what, how, and when to ask to gain the information needed to make a well-informed decision. Thinking on his feet, implicitly understanding exactly what's needed in any situation, and tactfully resolving the most sensitive issues are but a few of his talents in this arena. Extensive knowledge in the overarching field of HR combined with an inherent understanding of the complexities of human behavior combine to make Richard a truly world-class HR professional. I would welcome the opportunity to work with and/or for him again in the future!

Teri Balderson Trainer, K&L Gates, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Director of Human Resources 2011 - 2012
Director of Human Resources 2009 - 2011
Senior Manager of Human Resources 2006 - 2009
Vice President, Human Resources 1998 - 2006
Director of HR 2014 - 2016
Principal 2012 - current
Human Resource Certification Institute 2005
Keller Graduate School 1998
Northwestern University 1986
Society for Human Resources Management 2015

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