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Rebekah Disser

Rebekah Disser

Okatie, South Carolina

Seasoned recruiter, with mad sourcing skills. Communication is key, and I'm a great listener. Comfortable at C-level as well as entry-level.

Operations Healthcare Sales
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My Recruiting Experience

My focus is in both the R&D side and the clinical side, ranging from specialized laboratory support to Ph.D./M.D.'s with Regulatory expertise, Laboratory Directors with NY State CQ's. I specialize in finding candidates who are the right fit for your organization. What does that mean? It means my process allows me to focus on both the tangible requirements as well as the intangible to drill down and find your next great hire. I don't waste your time with unqualified candidates. Rather, my goal is to quickly present you with top 2-3 candidates that you will want to hire.
Roles hired:
Laboratory specialists Global Laboratory Director Technical Director Sales Director Sales Specialist Technical Sales
PPD Genentech AIBiotech
I specialize on the Management side of Operations, from entry-level managerial positions to Director level across a broad spectrum of industries. My process enables me to drill down and identify Rock Star candidates. I've found over the years that red flags are for a reason, and I listen to my instincts. You can throw it up against the wall and see what sticks...or you can take the time to find the right candidate, the best fit for both client and candidate. My reputation rests upon how I conduct my business on a daily basis. Every search matters.
Roles hired:
General Manager Assistant General Manager Facilities Director Director of Laboratory Operations Global Technical Services Director Regulatory & Compliance Director
NES Rentals PPD Covance AIBiotech Granger Biotech Denny's Arooga's and many more!
As a former sales rep turned Business Development Director who now recruits; I know what it takes to hire a great sales rep, both the tangible and intangible requirements. Find someone who is smart, has a great sense of humor and insatiable curiosity, and is driven to succeed by their own internal competitiveness; you will find a natural sales person. Train them well, give them the tools needed and the support; you will find your next Sales Rock Star!
Roles hired:
Sales Representative both W-2 and 1099 Account Representative Sales Manager Sales Director National Accounts Director Business Development Director VP of Sales
AIBiotech Granger Diagnostics Platinum Pathology NES Rentals and many more!

Where I work...

Okatie, South Carolina
United States: Maryland, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, California, Nevada; Canada
I recruit across the U.S. and Canada, based upon my client's needs and whether relocation is offered.

My experience in working with Rebekah Disser can be summarized best as efficient and seamless. From the stand point of the recruit, my only obligation was to attend the scheduled interviews she prepared for me and "knock their socks off". Rebekah took care of the rest for me. Typically when one is job searching and has to have the uncomfortable conversations with HR regarding salary and benefits and not knowing when those conversations should be held can be unclear. Rebekah guided me through this and actually took the responsibility of having those negotiating conversations for me.
Once I was offered the position my communication and relationship with Rebekah did not end. She continued to contact me periodically to make sure the new placement she found for me was living up to my expectations. She guided me with approaches to take with being a new employee and how to best communicate within the organization based on her relationships and experience with this particular work place.

I spent 2.5 years at the position and unfortunately I was a part of a lay off. When Rebekah learned of this she, on her own, contacted me and asked how she could help with a new search. I was fortunate enough to land a new position independent of Rebekah. However she again worked with me on preparing for interviews and after 6 months with the company, she and I continue to communicate periodically.
I would recommend her services to any company looking to place specialized positions. She is thorough in her search and I felt she paired the company to the individual perfectly.

Rebekah is unique among recruiters with whom I have worked. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times. The result is the right candidate for the right job. Even more important, Rebekah is extremely professional and passionate about her work. She is an individual who consistently demonstrates exemplary integrity and discretion in all of her communications and interactions. I highly recommend Rebekah to any corporation that is seeking a true partner to assist them in the facilitation of their hiring process.

I've been working with Rebekah for the past two years. She's an amazing recruiter, one of the best I've ever seen. I would highly recommend her for finding talent in any vertical.

Justin Moss Co-Founder & Director of Talent Acquisition, Hoss Hire Hospitality Recruitment, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
President 2011 - current
University of Houston 1985
Sandler Sales Institute 2005

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