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Rachelle Munson

Rachelle Munson

San Clemente, California

I'm a Senior Recruiter 12+ years Specializing in Corporate In-House Contract Recruiting. I'm avail able for your Recruiting Needs.

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My Recruiting Experience

I started in Technology in Silicon Valley. I thrive on working on Technology positions. Hardware, Integrated Circuits, Web Development, Programming, Software, IT.
Roles hired:
Hardware Engineers Integrated Circuits Designers Programmers Web Development and Software Programmers Software Engineers IT: Networking Big Data Operations Analysts +
Clients: Linksys/Cisco
I've placed a VP of Marketing at, and several marketing manager positions filled.
Roles hired:
VP of Marketing Marketing Manager Product Marketing Manager
Clients: Linksys/Cisco
Operations positions are very important to have the company operate properly for maximum process, structure, flow, and profitability for the company.
Roles hired:
VP of Operations Operations Manager Network Operations Manager Regional Operations Director Network Operations Manager
Clients: Linksys/Cisco
Sales position are the life blood for any company. I have been an Account Executive myself out of college. VP of Sales, Territory Managers, to Inside Sales, all sales jobs are important.
Roles hired:
VP of Sales Sales Manager Inside Sales Territory Manager Regional Sales Manager Account Executive
Clients: Linksys/Cisco

Where I work...

San Clemente, California
United States: Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose
Recruiting Virtual for Luxtera 50% of the time for 3 years. Recruiting Virtual for 60% of the time for 1 1/2 years Freelance Recruiter working Virtual as a Consultant for 5 years
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
HRIC: Human Resources Certification Institute 2014
Saddleback College – Aliso Viejo, CA 2006
SJSU 1995

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