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Pete Ryan

Pete Ryan

San Francisco, California

Worked with 388 companies filling sales roles. Work experience at LinkedIn, Oracle, and DoubleDutch. I WILL make a hire at your company!

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My Recruiting Experience

I am an ex-sales guy that used to work at LinkedIn, Oracle, and DoubleDutch. Then I started my own recruiting company, which focused on tech sales roles. I have interviewed thousands of candidates & made dozens of sales hires. My hiring process follows "Top Grading for Sales"; sales recruiting methodology. A 20 day structured hiring process [500 candidates] Outbound targeted emails (day 1) [50 candidates] Fill out career questionnaire & scheduled call (day 5) [30 candidates] Phone screen w/ job scorecard #1 (day 7) [10 candidates] Interview w/ job scorecard #2 (day 10) [5 candidates] Presentation w/ job scorecard #3 (day 14) [1 candidate] Hire (day 20)
Roles hired:
sales development rep account executive account manager customer success manager sales management director of sales VP of sales
Talkdesk Base LendingHome NGINX Loopd HackerRank LeadGenius +350 other companies

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
United States: San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington, Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin
I've been working remote for 3 years. I specialize in tech sales roles. I've worked with over 388 tech companies across the US.

Pete worked with us at Talkdesk and helped make some key hires. He leveraged his vast network and helped with both SDR hires as well as AE hires for both individual contributor roles and manager roles. He's very resourceful and easy to work with.

Kris Rudeegraap -, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
CEO 2014 - 2016
Sales 2013 - 2014
Sales 2009 - 2013
Sales 2008 - 2009
University of Dayton 2008

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