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Patrick Choate

Patrick Choate

Los Angeles, California

I am an experienced direct hire & staffing manager who has worked worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100s to start ups.

Technology HR Accounting / Finance
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100 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

I have a successful track record sourcing tough to find tech talent, presenting interesting new opportunities to them and placing them into new positions.
Roles hired:
PM Developer BA DBA Director
Sonos BeachBody DirecTV/AT&T Procore Deluxe Media
I have successfully placed a number of Accounting/Finance professionals throughout my 17 years recruiting career.
Roles hired:
Accountant Accounting Manager CFO
EA Bamko Deluxe
I have successfully placed a number of HR personnel throughout my 17 year recruiting career.
Roles hired:
Recruiters HR Managers Admin personnel
DirecTV Bamko

Where I work...

Los Angeles, California
United States: San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, New Jersey
I have successfully recruited remotely for over 10 years.

Patrick is an amazing professional. Beyond just his terrific ability to make careers happen, he takes an active interest in his clients and candidates to provide value and assistance in them achieving their short and long term aspirations. Patrick has been the go-to partner for me in this space for years and has provided me with top level talent across a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds. His discipline, intuition, network, and understanding of the art required to manage clients and candidates is unparalleled. He has proven to be a truly valuable partner for me for over a decade.

Chad Downey Chief Strategy and Sales Officer, BAMKO, LinkedIn profile

Patrick is very easy to work with. He quickly understands your needs, aligns it with pinpointed talent and supports along the entire process to ensure the best candidate for your desired role is achieved!

Jeremy Wessely UX & Product Lead, 
Positions held:
President 2013 - current
Recruiting Manager 2007 - 2013
Loyola Marymount University 2000

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