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Monica Parker

Monica Parker

Omaha, Nebraska

Boutique search firm owner, 15 yrs proven track record, expansive networks in exec/mgmt, IT/IS, legal, sales/mktg. Trust is key.

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A top client entrusted me with leading recruiting for the build-out of a new technology center in a new city with no talent pipeline and very little branding. I was successful through massive proactive sourcing of passive talent. Technology searches have ranged from Software Developer to Chief Technology Officer.
Roles hired:
CTO/CIO VP/Director Managers Software Developers/Engineers (server side and UI) QA/Test Engineers Next Generation Delivery Software Support Architecture/Infrastructure Big Data Data Architecture Data Governance Advanced Technology
Sales, Marketing and Technology have become intertwined in most companies. In my experience, the best marketing professionals understand the importance of metrics in marketing and ensuring all marketing initiatives translate to revenue.
Roles hired:
VP/Director of Marketing Marketing Manager SEO/SEM Experts
Since launching my own search firm, my specialization has been in executive and management level roles primarily in Operations. Previously, I was a trailblazer as the only recruiter in the state of Nebraska working exclusively in the Attorney search space and achieved "President's Club" in my first full year in the role.
Roles hired:
CEO/COO Executive/Operations Managers Corporate Counsel Deputy General Counsel Partner Associate
Recruiting sales professionals is unlike any other type of recruiting. Sales is an art that can only be measured by results. Exceptional sales leaders live in a world of gray and they take calculated risks (i.e. willing to have skin in the game) when there's a significant upside. Finding top talent and understanding what makes them tick is what sets me apart.
Roles hired:
Sales Executive Business Development Sales Manager VP/Director of Sales
Having served on the Board of Directors for a $15+ Million nonprofit, I have a clear understanding of business financials. That said, my hands on experience recruiting in the accounting/finance space is limited.
Roles hired:
VP/Director Shared Services Audit Executives VP/Director of Accounting CPA Accounting Managers
My career in staffing/recruiting began in the administrative and office professional niche. I was consistently a top-performer for my employer with repeated accolades from loyal clients. Since launching my own search firm, I've enjoyed working on executive and management level roles in Operations.
Roles hired:
Executive/Operations Managers Office Managers Executive Assistants Legal Assistants Paralegals
With over 15 years of developing relationships with HR professionals as a third party recruiter, I have an expansive network in HR.
Roles hired:
HR VP/Director Talent Acquisition Talent Management Compensation/Benefits

Where I work...

Omaha, Nebraska
United States: Omaha, Kansas City, Kansas City, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Des Moines, Denver
The bulk of my clients are in the Midwest but several have offices on the East and West coasts.

If you're like me, you've about had it with LinkedIn recommendations. They are no longer believable. Please make an exception for this one. Monica Fuehrer is a VERY big league talent and has a terrifically kind manner to go with her impressive recruiting and consulting skills. I highly recommend her.

Doug Smith Executive Chairman, Ervin & Smith Advertising, LinkedIn profile

I had the great fortune to work closely with Monica for nearly 10 years. During this time, Monica wore many hats from that of a recruiter to a manager and sales professional. Monica continually impressed me in her ability to treat each and every client and candidate as if they were her only one, even in times where the demands were many and time was short. Monica consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty and strives to beat the expectations of those relying on her. Monica is a true leader and is able to build, challenge and support all those around her simultaneously. I am better having worked with Monica.

Sarah Bonow, SPHR Senior Recruiter, Global Talent Management, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group, LinkedIn profile

Monica knows her industry and she takes the time to build and maintain her business network to find the best opportunties and fits for her clients. Working with Monica took the stress out of looking for a new career opportunity. She was also invaluable in assisting with updating my resume and polishing my interview skills.

Sandra Maass Associate General Counsel, Mutual of Omaha, LinkedIn profile

I worked with Monica on several placements for the Omaha Public School District. She was prompt and knew the caliber of professional we needed. She was able to present very qualified individials and assisted us in filling positions. She also currently provides valuable updates for the HR community on her posts to Linked In, which makes her as asset to the entire Omaha HR community.

Renee Sheehan PHR Recruiter-Talent Delivery at First Data Corporation, LinkedIn profile

Monica is a networking machine. She leads a strong team at Celebrity Staff and represents C&A well. Many of my clients have also mentioned the positive experience in doing business with Monica. Her professionalism is apparent and makes our family of companies stronger.

Brad Jones Vice President of Operations, Cornerstone Staffing, Inc, LinkedIn profile

Extremely professional and able to focus discussion on the most critical information. Monica has a natural ability to identify fit from both a skill and culture based perspective.

Mike Alston Vice President, Marketing and Product Development at Central States Indemnity (CSI), LinkedIn profile

Monica remains a consistant leader in an everchanging industry. With her wealth of knowledge and down to earth personality, she relates to candidates and clients alike. Monica leads her employees by example with the professionalism, ethics, and creativity she has become known for.

Kristen Begeman Finance & Special Projects Assistant, Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce, LinkedIn profile

I reported directly to Monica for just under 5 years. She mentored me in the business world and trained me in all aspects of the Recruiting industry. Monica’s ability to manage people, develop relationships, evaluate needs of a client, head hunt prospective candidates, screen candidates and deliver the right candidate the first time is impeccable. She proved this over the past 10 years by winning numerous awards and developing loyal customers. I would recommend Monica Fuehrer if you are looking for the Best of the Best.

Jonathon White Program Manager - Onsite Serving First Data, Pontoon Solutions, LinkedIn profile

Monica is creative and approaches issues from a unique perspective. She is an excellent communicator and can be counted on to follow through. A true team player, she is a valued member of the management team at C&A Industries, Inc.

Teresa Lauver Director of Marketing, C&A Industries, Inc., LinkedIn profile

"Over the course of several years and at a couple of different companies, as a sales manager in the fast-paced technology environment, we were always able to count on Monica and her recruitment firm to find highly-motivated professionals that would be very successful, very quickly for our company. Without exception, those candidates were top-notch, successful and loyal as most are still with those companies today. Monica understands the executive sales profile, knows how to find high-achievers and is proactive and professional in working on behalf of her clients."

Jeff Mason Network Account Manager, Great Plains Communications, LinkedIn profile

I have used Monica several times to try and find qualified candidates. Each time she not only met my expectations, but exceeded them by finding the "perfect" candidate. Monica's attention to detail and consistent determination to exceed expecations-- makes her a invaluable and essential business partner.

Pamela Bourne Labor and Employment Law Attorney, Woods & Aitken LLP, LinkedIn profile

I have had the opportunity in my 30 plus years of Management to work with some outstanding leaders. I always base my perception of a business partner in asking myself this question...If I was starting a business, and needed a partner who I could trust, who I could depend on coaching and mentoring personal, a person that can deliver set goals and committments, would this person be Monica,and it would.When you deal with Monica, your dealing with the BEST

Bob Giddings Business Development Director, Kaplan University, LinkedIn profile

Monica and I worked side by side for 10 years and I would recommend her in any capacity. Monica is an extremely talented recruiter who truly cares about the larger goals of the organizations she works with and knows how to address those goals with the right talent. There were many situations where the client thought they knew what they needed in a position they were trying to hire for, but after an indepth conversation with Monica, a very different strategic plan was uncovered and a new talent profile was identified. Monica is a trusted advisor to her clients, and they respect her professional opinion and appreciate her candid honesty.

High-caliber candidates are very loyal to Monica in an industry where there there isn't a lot of loyalty to one recruiter. Monica returns phone calls and emails to candidates immediately, and is honest with them about where they stand in the process. Her thoughtful follow up and honesty has helped her garner high profile, passive referrals as well as win the respect of the professionals she has directly recruited.

Monica is heavily involved with industry specific groups that make her a very well rounded, and heavily networked professional. Her involvement in a leadership capacity within HRAM and her involvement with the HR legal community keeps her knowledge of ever-changing employment and HR legal issues sharp and the ultimate beneficiaries are her clients.

Monica also sits on the boards of non profit organizations and lends her talents to the community as well. She is fun to work with, hard working, a creative problem solver, and one of the most talented recruiters I've ever worked with.

Anne Romero, CDR, SPHR, CSSR Senior Security Recruiter, Global Talent Management, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group, LinkedIn profile

Monica is a motivational leader with sharp business acumen. She is action-oriented, organized and able to boil complex problems down to simple plans for execution. Moreover, while Monica exhibits consummate professionalism, I have always felt that she is approachable and a joy to work with. It has been an honor to serve under her leadership on the Board of Directors at Outlook Nebraska, Inc.

Matthew Evans Manager, Supplier Order Management at ConAgra Foods, Inc., LinkedIn profile

Monica is a professional recruiter whose Integrity I hold in the highest regard. Monica is a results driven individual who identifies and connects with her clients needs. As such, she delivers spot on results in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Monica to any individual or company.

Tim Barker Office Manager, Frost Brown Todd, LinkedIn profile

I have had the priviledge of working with Monica for the past 2 years. Monica has a passion for developing strong individuals and teams. She thinks outside of the box to think of ways to motivate the team, Monica is a great leader!

Megan Connell-Jones Owner/photographer, Megan Michael Photography, LinkedIn profile

Working with Monica has been a delight. Being in business over 30 years, you come across those special people every so often,and Monica is one of them. Her ability to relate with her customers is outstanding, her business savvy uncompromised,and her energy unmatched.

Bob Giddings Business Development Director, Kaplan University, LinkedIn profile

Monica has always been a great leader while serving on our Board of Directors, but since working with her as the Chairperson of the Board, I have come to appreciate her management style and persistence for steady improvement and mission oriented success. Monica has always been very straightforward and results driven, which has helped me continue to grow as a leader as well.

Eric Stueckrath Chief Executive Officer, Outlook Nebraska, Inc., LinkedIn profile

Monica and I were competitors in the staffing industry for a number of years. I have a lot of respect for her and the service she offers her clients. She was always impossible to beat when I would go toe to toe with her as her clients truly love her. I have since left the industry and now partner with Monica in various ways. I thoroughly enjoy working WITH her rather than AGAINST her as she is one of the best! Coming from one Monica's competitors in the past, if you have the need for the type of service she offers I would strongly recommend you use her....she is awesome!

Sam DelSenno Managing Director, eDiscovery Services Omaha/Lincoln, D4 LLC, LinkedIn profile

Monica possesses a high energy, problem solving ability and determined attitude which is an asset to candidates, as well as companies looking for an outstanding recruiting partner. Monica's excellent communication, drive and loyalty have built her an exceptional team of recruiters and a fabulous career. You will not be disappointed contacting Monica for any staffing needs or career opportunities.

Becki Reese, SPHR Vice President, Human Resources, Adknowledge, LinkedIn profile

I have worked with Monica for several years and have had the priveledge of being able to utilize her expertise in the recruiting field at two different companies and found her to be of high integrity, truthful, honest and relentless in her pursuit to get the right candidates I was looking for. She was always willing to follow up to see how the placements were doing and was willing to do what she could to remedy any problems that would arise. She has been fun to work with and will be missed in her prior role. I would highly recommend Monica to anyone who is looking for a hard worker and someone with uncompromising ethics.

Jeff J. Guinane Administrative Services Manager at St James Catholic Church, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
President 2011 - current
HR Relationship Manager (consultant) 2012 - current
Attorney Search Consultant 2008 - 2011
Division Manager 2000 - 2008
Account Manager 1996 - 1999
HR Certification Institute 2000

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