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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson

Seattle, Washington

Sr Recruiter, over 10 years experience in IT, Healthcare, Marketing, Sales. Relationship builder. Brand promoter. excellent candidate exp.

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My Recruiting Experience

1 projects $1,000 average cost
Sr Technical Recruiter, full cycle, using various sourcing methods including Linkedin, other Social Media, networking, boolean searches adjusting according to the job, the industry and level of experience needed. Experience with Travel, Retail, Technology, Aerospace, Gaming, Wireless and some technology related positions in Healthcare.
Roles hired:
Architect Developers of all sorts QA Project Managers Systems Admin DBA Network Engineer Build Engineer Configuration and Release Tech Support BI Security Solutions Architect AWS Architect Agile and Data Warehouse DevOps Engineer UI/UX SDET Project Manager Scrum Master Business Analyst
Microsoft Nintendo Boeing Verizon Coldwater Creek People to People Accenture Bsquare
1 projects $2,500 average cost
Full cycle recruiter/sourcer also independent doing project/contract recruitment for over 10 years. I use a variety of methods for sourcing - Linkedin, Boolean search, data base searches, networking, referrals, specific postings. I have been successful with finding the right person for each opening.
Roles hired:
Physical Therapist Nursing Manager Registered Nurse Registered Dietitian Medical Sales Product Manger Lab Technician Sonographer Mammographer CT Tech Medical Assistant Physician Assistant Front Desk Medical Office Manager Medical Coding
Apria privately owned local Physical Therapy Kootenai Health Inland Imaging
I've been a full cycle recruiter and independent recruiter for small, med and large companies as well as startups. I market companies well while sourcing and have placed sales related candidates in industries like wireless, retail, travel, B2B, Mfg, education, software, clothing, gaming and technology.
Roles hired:
Territory/Regional Sales Managers and Directors Sales team leads Inbound/Outbound Sales Reps InHouse Sales Reps Field Sales Reps Contact Center Sales Reps Contact Center Manager/Director Sales Analysts Merchandisers and Sales Support Customer Service Reps Call Center Reps Solutions Sales Saas Sales Reps Account Executives Account Managers
Nintendo Bsquare Verizon Speakeasy Coldwater Creek People to People
Sr Recruiter with over 10 years of full cycle experience using a variety of sourcing methods to reach the best candidates in today's market. Last assignment I brought on a complete new Digital Marketing team for a company that had never used Digital Marketing before. Work with small, medium and large companies.
Roles hired:
Marketing Director Digital Marketing Director Creative Services Manager Social Media and Online Community Manager Marketing Analyst eMail Marketing Coordinator Copywriter Editor Videographer Photographer Producer
Microsoft Nintendo Coldwater Creek People to People

Where I work...

Seattle, Washington
United States: Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Florida, Nashville, Saint Louis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Connecticut, Virginia, Atlanta, Boise, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Michigan
I've been successfully sourcing and recruiting candidates nationally for over 10 years. Placed candidates for companies across the US.

I feel very privileged to have worked with Mike as part of Ambassadors Group, Inc. Human Resources Department team. He is an extremely astute and highly strategic HR professional. Mike maintains the valuable ability look at all sides of the issue to make the best recommendation possible. This is supported by his ability to take immediate action and resolve the toughest issues. A super team player!
Mike has the skills, knowledge and experience to work in any size organization. He can lead through any type of environment, integration, or restructuring. Mike uses his strength of connecting with people to create outstanding results.
He would be a tremendous addition to any company. I highly recommend Mike and I would consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Dale McLaughlin Human Resources Manager, LB Foster, LinkedIn profile

Michael is a recruiter who honestly works to understand you, your talent strategy, your company culture, and what you value most in a resource. I have dealt with many recruiters and prefer to deal with Michael as he has a proven track record of finding the right people. He is thoughtful and thorough and is well connected throughout the Northwest.

Brian Wilson Sr. Director of Solution Delivery/Information Management, People to People Ambassador Programs, LinkedIn profile

Michael is an excellent technical recruiter and was a valuable addition to the Ambassadors Group team as rebuilt several of the company's core functions. Mike has the ability to directly source top-level talent, which is a rare skill in today's recruitment market, saving companies significant expense and building active talent pipelines. Mike is very well-connected in the Northwest, particularly the Inland Northwest and Seattle areas and would be a fine addition to any recruitment team.

Bryan Fix Regional HR Manager / HR Strategic Partner, Providence Health & Services, LinkedIn profile

Michael is an exceptional recruiting strategist. His rare combination of technical savvy, big-picture vision, and staffing leadership skills allow Michael to successfully lead any enterprise-level challenge. From a knowledge standpoint, Michael has an excellent grasp of the intentional marriage of staffing, marketing, sales and technology. He consistently drives himself to deliver beyond expectations. What is more, Michael is humble and affable and brings great enthusiasm and integrity to his team and the projects he's working on. Very steady, very thoughtful, and very thorough, Michael has a wonderful personal style that makes customers, candidates, and peers alike trust him with the highest level of confidence. I am honored to recommend Michael.

Doug Creeley Mentor, SCORE, LinkedIn profile

I have had the pleasure of working with a great team while at Ambassadors. Michael is chiefly responsible for cobbling together that team. Michael has several characteristics that enable him to craft exceptional teams; thorough understanding of business needs, keen perception and tenacity.

Conversations with Michael about resource requests and utilization often bogged down into technical details but being acute he was able to glean critical aspects from the exchange to build a robust dossier. Michael brought numerous resources to our group that delivered at a high level. I enjoyed relying on Michael to source open positions in an exacting precise fashion.

Michael’s insight and vision into candidates is amazing, picking up on hints of greatness or evidence of weakness. His ability to winnow the applicants down to the key candidates by knowing our expectations afforded me and others more productive time due to limited distractions in interviewing.

By far Michael’s best attribute is his tenacity. Michael approaches each opportunity in a manner of utmost professionalism and fervent zeal. His drive to deliver is only matched by his pleasant demeanor. Learning to count on Michael was easy as he accomplished each assignment with overwhelming success.

I look forward to working with Michael again in the future. His multi-discipline sourcing capabilities engender success in the short and long term.

Larry Helton Director of Technology, People to People Ambassador Programs, LinkedIn profile

Mike Anderson is a fabulous recruiter! He's not afraid to pick up the phone and make the call to engage a candidate. Mike is very personable, easy to talk to and a straight shooter. I enjoyed working with Mike and recommend him for recruiting positions, especially those needing strong sourcing, creative thinkers. Go Mike!

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My first experience with Mike was during the recruiting process with People to People Ambassador's programs. From the get go, Mike was on task, prompt to respond to my questions, and very professional. Mike was very helpful during my onboarding and really was an outstanding "Ambassador" for People to People.

After I was hired, it was a pleasure continuing to work with Mike as he was always available to assist with other H.R. matters and was very in tune to employee concerns as well as what the market place was doing.

Put all the business stuff aside, Mike is just simply a great guy. Very personable and just a pleasure to work with.

Would be happy to serve as a reference for Mike anytime!

Tal Mashat VP of Operations, FCR, LinkedIn profile

Mike is an exceptional Recruiter who has a strong and active network within IT. His strong communication skills and outgoing personality allow him to bond with his internal business partners as well as create long lasting, and strong, relationships with his candidates. I would highly reccommend him to any business with recruiting or consulting needs.

Amber Villelli Productivity Analyst at Kaniksu Health Services, LinkedIn profile

Michael Anderson is spot on accurate when it comes to matching people with positions. He understands the needs that drive business and the skills of his rich network.

Kristine Forsberg Project Manager,, LinkedIn profile

Mike is a fantastic technical and corporate recruiter. He was an invaluable resource for me at Ambassadors Group when we were navigating a digital pivot in Marketing and IT. Mike utilizes tried and true methods to find both active and passive candidates, setting him apart from other recruiters.

Bryan Fix VP, Human Resources, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Contract Technical Recruiter 2015 - 2015
Sr Corporate Recruiter 2012 - 2014
Sr Technical Recruiter 2006 - 2009
Employment and Training Counselor 2009 - 2011
Contract/Project/Contingent Virtual Recruiter 2014 - current
Senior Recuiter 2015 - 2016
Eastern Washington University 1977

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