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Melanie Szlucha

Melanie Szlucha

Norwalk, Connecticut

I give honest advice my clients, and straight talk to my candidates. I've got an eye for reading between the lines of a resume.

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My Recruiting Experience

Considering the overwhelming number of candidates in this area, my strategy is to work closely with the client to learn elements and nuances of the job that become unique, yet important, qualifiers to find the right candidate. Because I have experience as a resume writer, I read between the lines of a candidate's resume, and have found some amazing candidates who were hungry for a new opportunity
Roles hired:
Project Coordinator
Sancor Lighting
In my corporate experience, I have hired many Marketing Assistants. Because the market is flooded with candidates in this field, I make a very honest assessment of what skills are needed in the role as well as those that are not. I had a boss who always wanted to hire "rock star" candidates. While I respected that she wanted quality candidates, the company's lack of upward mobility would have meant a high turnover rate. I was honest with candidates about how I saw this job helping their career, which meant that both of us were entering into the employment agreement with eyes wide open.
Roles hired:
Marketing Assistant Market Research Account Manager
Garde Arts Center Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Competitrack
I've found that a lot of IT candidates give answers that sound good, but I need to probe further to ensure that they have the right skills, and communicate clearly. I have an undergraduate degree and some early career experience in the break/fix side of IT, so I can "speak geek."
Roles hired:
Level 1 Technician Senior Systems Engineer
Circulent Technology CMIT Solutions
I respect the highly individualized nature of an attorney's office. I have an examples of a strategy I used which successfully identified the right candidate. We developed a short test on a piece of software the candidate would use on a daily basis. The tasks included weren't meant to be difficult, but the test did identify candidates who were comfortable asking for help and admitting that they didn't know the answer to something.
Roles hired:
Legal Assistant Paralegal
Attorney Karen Riggio Attorney Doug Penn Patent Agent Mark Nowotarski

Where I work...

Norwalk, Connecticut
Nope! I prefer to focus on roles in the same physical location.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
VP Client Services 2001 - 2008
Recruiter / Resume Writer / Owner 2004 - current
Marketing Director 1999 - 2000
Season Tickets Director 1998 - 1999
St. John Fisher College

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