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Mark Bassett

Mark Bassett

Irvine, California

Technology Sales & Marketing Recruiter specializing in direct sales 'hunters' & marketing execs for early-stage/emerging software ventures.

Marketing Sales Technology
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11 reviews
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My Recruiting Experience

7 projects $4,347 average cost
Digital Marketing, b2b and b2c Software/Technology and Web/Online Marketing specialist with an emphasis searches involving Paid Media, Brand Management, Marketing Automation, Demand Generation, and Product Marketing Executives (Go-To-Market Strategy, Sales Enablement, Content Development).
Roles hired:
CMO VP Marketing Sr Director Paid Media Sr. Brand Manager Director of Online Marketing Lead Development Manager VP/Directors of Product Marketing Demand Generation & Marketing Automation SEM Analysts Web Analytics Manager Channels Marketing Digital Marketing Strategist Web Operations Managers
Google Microsoft IBM Oracle SAP McAfee Symantec CA EMC and similar have acquired more than 20+ of my clients over the last 10 years. CEO references of current clients available
4 projects $4,906 average cost
I'm the recruiter that the founders engage to hire their first sales pro! Identify our target source companies, craft the compensation plan, write the Elevator Pitch, job description, define your background requirements, and then go directly headhunt your ideal recruits. Call me the RobinHood of emerging tech- recruiting for early stage, rapid growth Enterprise Software, SaaS, PaaS and commercial (b2b) web & mobile ventures. Expert at locating the "player-coach" who can start as an individual contributor and build out a team to scale based on initial success of the first hire.
Roles hired:
Regional/National (Direct) F500 Enterprise Sales "Hunters" VP and Director of Sales Marketing Directors & Managers of Sales Operations Marketing Automation Online Marketing Web Analytics Lead Development Product Marketing National/Major Accounts Managers Pre-Sales/Engineering Channels Alliance Partner Managers Business Development executives and professionals
IBM Google Microsoft Oracle SAP Ariba McAfee Symantec CA EMC have acquired the majority of my clients over the last 10 years. I can offer C level references from recent clients with relevant searches
Technology Executive Recruiter for early stage, rapid growth and emerging technology (b2b) ventures. Expert at locating the strategic "player-coach" with proven entrepreneurial success in specific niche industries who can start as an individual contributor (technical or customer facing) and build out a team to scale based on initial success in the role. Heavy emphasis on enterprise software, commercial web (SaaS, PaaS) and digital marketing clients.
Roles hired:
Last 10 searches: VP Sales and Alliances CMO VP Product Management Sr. Director Marketing Technology and Operations Sr. Software Product Strategist Director of Sales/Business Development Director of Sales Operations Lead Development Manager (Demand Generation) Regional VP Sales- Enterprise Security Software Product Marketing Manager
Over 20 clients to date acquired by IBM Microsoft Google Oracle SAP Ariba McAfee Symantec CA EMC etc. CEO references of current clients available

Where I work...

Irvine, California
United States: San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas; Southern California, CA, United States
20 years experience building-out the initial 'launch' teams for software and technology clients in most major metro areas across the US. Specializing in that mission critical stage where the founder hands off sales responsibility to a professional software 'evangelist' who can build on early success and scale.

Its tough to recommend recruiters, but Mark Bassett really stands out in the crowd. He really does understand the technical/business/leadership issues facing early stage/high tech companies. He has demonstrated to us that he really knows what it means to target and focus on specific niches and expertise and is not afraid to “Dive Deep” to help clients with their needs. What a pleasure to work with a recruiter who really understands, knows how, and works hard to “Add Value” to the entire recruiting process.

Mark Zucherman

Mark's deep knowledge and vast contacts in the IT field made him an excellent choice for my executive placement needs. He works with people, not just for them, and he commits to results that are then achieved.

Bruce McKenzie

Mark is certainly a great career counselor to candidates and an excellent strategic advisor & resource to companies. He is more than a recruiter - in my experiencing working with Mark, he is an outstanding matchmaker.

Unlike many recruiters who simply just compare resumes to a job description to find a match, Mark puts in extra efforts and tries to understand the cultural fit to make sure round pegs are in round holes. Only if clients listen to and consult with experts like Mark more often, great results & value will come out from the relationship.

Bin Lam

Mark Bassett introduced himself when a mutual contact recommended me for an IT management position. I was not looking to make a career change at the time, but Mark had an honest, straightforward communication style that put me at ease and sparked my curiosity. After speaking with him for twenty minutes, he helped me realize that his opportunity could be the next big step in my career. Mark was right - the position turned out to be a perfect fit, and a stellar opportunity. It changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Since then, I have worked with Mark as a manager seeking qualified candidates. Mark has consistently delivered only the highest quality applicants who have met or exceeded my expectations. I have found him to be extremely thorough, honest and forthcoming. He is the only recruiter who actually analyzes the candidates, pointing out the positives and the negatives. He does not hesitate to pull a candidate when red flags are raised, even if this means losing the deal. He is truly interested in the long term satisfaction of both his client and the candidate. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an IT recruiter.

Heather Kampley

Mark is the uber-recruiter. I have worked with recruiters (from both sides) for over 20 years and Mark is unique - from the first contact to his interviewing me about our specific needs and our company culture, from the first candidate sourced to the thorough follow-up and attention to detail. Mark provided accurate and concise communication during the process and delivered exceptional "counter offer" coaching to our hire. Mark has an appreciation for his clients' technical / business / leadership issues while possessing those old-fashioned 'headhunting' skills which have been abandonded by most in the industry. Mark goes way beyond relying on active candidates posted online and is able to target qualifed resources from an otherwise unavailable market. You can't go wrong with this guy.

Jerry Weissberg

Mark was tasked with recruiting a high performing sales and marketing team for a pre-revenue Web 2.0 start-up with a particularly unusual B2B2C business model. It wasn't an easy assignment. Within a very short period of time, the senior team was in place, on budget and executing the business plan. Mark personally recruited 4 of the 5 individuals.

Jay Goss

Mark is awesome to work with!

He is extremely smart, efficient, and best of all delivers continuous results.

His execution oriented style and get-it-done attitude to recruiting has been critical to sustaining the growth of our company.

Hernan Capdevila

Our company was ready to build its sales function in-house but we did not know how to do it nor how to hire someone with the skills and experience to do it. We hired Mark Bassett as a recruiter because it was clear that he did on both fronts. He made what seemed like a formidable project relatively painless. He gave us great results in a timely fashion.

Mike Regele

Mark has consulted with us at Orion as an technical instructor, teaching our account executives mastery of recruiting. He is truly an amazing recruiter with a unique ability to read people and brings his experience to life with a vivid teaching style. I would highly recommend Mark as a recruiter or trainer.

David Bakkeby

Mark was a talented and effective recruiter for LogicalApps. He took the time to really understand the position, the team and the hiring manager for every role and as a result, brought us the best candidates already pre-sold on the position.

Tom Tobin

Mark proved to be the lynchpin in my efforts to build a powerful and broad Marketing team at Guidance Software. He drove the recruiting efforts for senior positions in my team, helping me build a team of 35 people with only 9 of them pre-dating my arrival to Guidance. I relied on Mark to recruit the harder to find, higher value resources with specialized skill sets and/or competitive industry experience. The candidates he would find for us had no intent of leaving their employers until he would talk to them and impress them about both our openings and our company and he ultimately managed to fill the majority of my mission-critical hires with fully employed, high caliber candidates. Mark demonstrated strategic understanding of the requirements for the leaders I was looking for and dogged tenacity. Moreover, Mark came up with creative program pricing that enabled us to pay for results while he was recruiting for us as if operating under a retainer. I highly recommend Mark as I would partner up with him again for any of my future recruiting needs.

Alex Andrianopoulos Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, AtScale, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Talent Acquisition 2005 - 2007
Sales Recruiter 1998 - 2005
Software Sales/Marketing Search Director 2007 - current
NAPS 1998

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