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Kay Gabaldon

Kay Gabaldon

Menlo Park, California

Results driven recruitment professional, proficient in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance, staffing solutions.

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I've placed an insurmountable number of technical resources. Having a minor in computer science has provided me with an vital edge in rapidly identifying engineering talent.
Roles hired:
CTO SVP VP Director and all staff levels of engineers infrastructure frontend backend UI/UX Big Data etc. Software Hardware Apps Develpment from concept to market
Samsung Hulu Google Amazon Sony Pictures Yahoo Adobe Paramount Pictures
Expert at identifying atypical talen in the marketing domain, I have touched this in most orgainzations I've consulted with over the years.
Roles hired:
VP Marketing Director Marketing Sr. Director Marketing Research Manager Marketing Analytics all staff levels of marketing
Samsung Hulu Amazon Yahoo Adobe
I've build Sales teams from the ground up, both domestic and internatally for Hulu, Samsung and Sony.
Roles hired:
VP Sales Sr. Director Sales Director Sales Sr. Manager Sales all staff levels sales inside and outside sales
Samsung Hulu Google Yahoo Adobe
I've built accounting and finance teams from the ground up.
Roles hired:
CFO VP Director Manager both accounting and finance for all start up companies
Control Risks Group Hulu Samsung Adobe Yahoo
I've recruited a number of HR resources throughout my career.
Roles hired:
VP HR Director HR Sr. Recruiters Staffing Coordinators
Sony Hulu Adobe Yahoo Control Risks group (not on resume)
I have recruited for many operations roles at companies.
Roles hired:
VP Operations Director Ops all staff levels of operations
Hulu Samsung Sony Adobe Control Risks Group (not on resume)

Where I work...

Menlo Park, California
United States; Europe; Middle East
I have been providing a mix of onsite and remote recruitment my entire career. I have and am open to heavy travel both domestic and international to support the client needs.

It is my pleasure to write a reference for Kay. I have hired Kay to work for me at 3 different companies. She is someone that I know I can rely on to work closely with the managers, understand the business needs and put in place processes and systems that work. She is deeply committed to the assignments as well as the organization and works quickly and effectively.

I would hire her again in a heartbeat.


Kim Congdon Managing Director, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Consulting, Head of Talent Acquisition 2014 - 2014
Sr. Technical Recruiter and Change Agent 2011 - 2011
Consulting, Head of Talent Acquisition 2011 - 2014
Sr. Technical Recruiting Consultant 2010 - 2011
Sr. Technical & Product Recruiting Consultant 2007 - 2007
Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition 2007 - 2010
Sr. Technical Research & Sourcing Consultant 2006 - 2007
Consulting Director, Talent Acquisition, Program Manager 2005 - 2006
Consulting, Director of Staffing & Development and Technical Recruitment 2002 - 2005
Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner & Program Manager 2001 - 2003
Technical Recruitment Consultant 1999 - 2001
Fluc, Hulu, Samsung, Sony, Paramount, Adobe 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe, Paramount 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Yahoo 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe, Paramount 2014
Samsung, Hulu, Sony 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Adobe, Paramount 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobek, Paramount 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Sony 2014
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe, Paramount 2014
Hulu, Samsung, Amazon, Sony, Paramount, Adobe 2011
Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Adobe, Yahoo, Paramount 2011
Fluc, Samsung, Hulu, Amazon, Yahoo, Adobe, Paramount 2004

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