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Karin Bogren

Karin Bogren

Stockholm, Sweden

Recruiter with 12+ years experience. Specialized in recruitment for startups, tech, IT and game development companies.

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Experience from recruitment of sales and marketing professionals for IT companies and startups, as well as recruitment of PR professionals .
Roles hired:
social media & content manager growth hacker marketing automation specialist PR consultant online marketing coordinator online sales representative
Avalanche Studios Careereye Prime PR United Minds Google
I have hired for multiple tech and game development roles; both for IT, software and game development companies.
Roles hired:
backend programmer back office developer character programmer graphics programmer systems programmer QA engineer QA lead tester 2D artist 3D artist animator technical animator system administrator IT manager PC technician infrastructure engineer devops game client developer
Toca Boca Google NYX Gaming Group Avalanche Studios ELK Studios Careereye
As an independent recruiter I have mainly recruited for sales roles in tech companies and I have recently been part of building up the sales and marketing department for the Swedish startup Careereye. For NYX Gaming Group and Hansoft I recruited for roles such as Business Development Manager and Manager New Strategic Accounts and I have previously worked for Google's European recruitment department in Paris, sourcing for their international sales and customer support teams in Dublin.
Roles hired:
inside sales representative account manager key account manager business development manager manager new strategic accounts territory sales manager
Careereye NYX Gaming Group Google Hansoft Testfreaks Microsoft
At Avalanche Studios I have hired several producers and project managers for the game development projects. While working for Kandidata Sweden I recruited for the UN and SIDA - The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. At The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm I recruited conservators and art coordinators.
Roles hired:
producers project managers global development professionals art museum personell
Avalanche Studios United Nations SIDA - The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency The Museum of Modern Art
I have worked within HR for 10+ years and have recruited colleagues and trainees and successors to my respective teams.
Roles hired:
HR coordinator recruiter talent acquisition manager
Avalanche Studios Toca Boca Kandidata
At Avalanche Studios I have recruited Office Management personell.
Roles hired:
office manager office assistant
Avalanche Studios

Where I work...

Stockholm, Sweden
Portugal; Netherlands; United States; Sweden; Ireland; Denmark; Norway; Poland; Switzerland; Italy; Barbados; United Kingdom; France; Germany; Belgium; Spain; Austria; West Indies
I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, but I am recruiting for roles all over the world. I do full-cycle recruitment as well as smaller separate projects such as CV/resume screening, phone screening of candidates and scheduling interviews.

Karin helped us out with recruitment, on-site, for a year, hiring all kinds of game developer roles. It was a pleasure to have her on our team.

During my time at the Moderna Museét (Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm) I hired Karin as an recruitment consultant for an assignment. Karin did av very good job and I experience her as a very competent and skilled recruiter. Karin is driven, rigorous, collaborative and responsive to customer needs and I strongly recommend Karin.

I worked with Karin on a number of projects during her time with Kandidata, both involving large state agencies and SME. With her structured approach, she was able to keep up with a very high workload, especially valuable when screening large volumes of applications and co-coordinating recruitment days with multiple stations and applicants. She was a huge help in ensuring our timely deliveries.

Mattias Dahl Lic. Psychologist & Organizational Consultant, LinkedIn profile

Karin did a great job recruiting Russian sales reps to TestFreaks. I highly recommend Karin as a recruiter.

Martin Alexanderson Founder TestFreaks, Wiral Internet Group, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Freelance Recruitment Professional 2014 - current
Talent Acquisition Manager 2017 - 2018
Talent Acquisition Manager 2016 - 2016
Senior Recruitment Specialist 2015 - 2015
Senior Recruitment Specialist 2015 - 2015
Career Consultant 2012 - 2015
HR Consultant 2012 - 2013
Career Consultant 2009 - 2010
Recruiter 2008 - 2008
Recruiter 2006 - 2007
Uppsala University 2006
World Coach Institute 2019

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