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Joshua Banye

Joshua Banye

Lagos, Nigeria

I am a recruiter with competency in sourcing and placing personnel for IT, Customer Service and HR roles from entry level to C-Suite levels.

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My Recruiting Experience

I have competency in sourcing for HR recruiters, HR consultants and entry level HR administrators with competency based screening approach.
Roles hired:
HR Administrators HR officers
Purplesource Healthcare Limited
I am a passionate customer service advocate and my background is in customer service which has enabled me develop a strategic approach to hiring personnel for various customer service roles.
Roles hired:
Call Center Agents Front desk officers
U-Connect Human Resources Limited Mt. Sinai Hospitals and Purplesource Healthcare Limited
I have handled end -to -end of sales recruitment for entry level and mid level roles.
Roles hired:
Telemarketers Direct Sales Agents
U-Connect Human Resources Limited
I have handled clinical recruitment for clinical roles for clinic and hospitals successfully based on my experience in the healthcare industry.
Roles hired:
Registered Nurse Registered Midwife Registered Nurse-Midwife Junior clinicians Laboratory Technicians
Mt. Sinai Hospitals(Lagos) Purplesource Healthcare Limited

Where I work...

Lagos, Nigeria
United States: New York; United Kingdom: London; Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja
I have been recruiting for upward of 4 years for organizations in different industries like e-commerce, healthcare, financial institution and so on.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
HR Project Lead 2016 - current
HR Manager 2015 - 2016
Generalist, Human Resources Consultant 2012 - 2015
Human Resource Associate 2009 - 2012
University of Lagos, Nigeria 2007
Metropolitan School of Business and Management 2013

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