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John Palmay

John Palmay

Celina, Texas

Looking to work with a Recruiter who won't just submit warm bodies to you. Someone who tries to place the right Candidate the First time!

Sales Technology Customer Support
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My Recruiting Experience

Working with the Technology candidates is one of the most enjoyable of the job categories. Within the the "IT" you have many different languages which are very specific to the job position. I find it interesting finding just the right person for your job description. Just because I have one candidate who is a developer doesn't mean he is going to fit into the roll that you have open. This is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the Recruiters, we take the time to analyze the type of language needed, make sure they have a job history in the role and quiz them if we think it is necessary. We will not just send you over a warm body or resume in this case, we want to fill the position.
Roles hired:
Helpdesk Programmers FullStack Project Managers Program Managers Developers
IBM AWS Microsoft NTT Data Walmart Kroger
Customer Support Roles are often the voice for the company and sometimes the face. These roles are so important that you find the correct blend of a person that keeps the customer top of mind. Often these roles you will have a mixed skill set, while customer service is always at the top of the skill, you also need to find the candidate who will be the "doer". Depending on the company these type of roles can be different but finding that person who wants to perform at a high level for the company and customer (even if that customer is a another employee of the company) is something that we look for in these roles.
Roles hired:
Customer Support Rep Service Manager Client services Customer Service Manager Customer Service VP Director of Customer Service
IBM Nissan Ford Marriott and many other companies both big and small
I started in the Sales field 20 years ago, so when I am looking for a Professional person to represent your company I take a lot of important factors into consideration. Such as does the applicant have not only the experience but the correct crossover knowledge that will make her / him a standout for your company. I always hear people say that sales is just sales, but that isn't true. Knowledge is power when you are looking for sales folks, as is confidence.
Roles hired:
Sales Rep Account Manager Field Sales Sales Manager National Sales Manager Director of Sales VP of Sales President of Sales
Capital One Nissan NTT Data Marriott

Where I work...

Celina, Texas
United States: Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Montvale, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Chandler, Carrollton, Chandler, Scottsdale, Carrollton, Irving
We started our office as a Remote Recruiters because we had relocated to the Frisco, Texas Area from Chandler, Arizona. So we are lucky enough to offer both Local Recruiting and Remote Recruiting. We always hear that we are "So easy to work with", we are very understanding have years of experience in the staffing business.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
Sr. Recruiter 2012 - current
University of Phoenix 1999
University Of Phoenix 2001

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