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Emma Geach

Emma Geach

Riverside, California

Recruiting professional whose passion is finding the right person for the right job!

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Your customers are your most important asset! You want to make sure that your customers get the best possible service every time they interact with your company. The candidates I have placed in customer support roles offer top-notch service and go above and beyond to ensure a great experience for their customers.
Roles hired:
Call Center Operators Client Service Specialists Hotel Staff Theme Park attendants Restaurant Staff
ADP Inc. Disneyland Corinthian Colleges Sprint PCS
Human Resources is the backbone of all companies. HR ensures that the company is in compliance with many federal regulations; provides support to management in all decisions that involve hiring, promotions, firing, benefits, employee relations and training / development. I have placed HR professionals in roles within different industries.
Roles hired:
Recruiters Labor Relations Specialists Training Specialists HR Generalists HR Programs Specialists HR Managers Compensation Professionals Benefits Specialists
ADP Inc. Corinthian Colleges MGA Entertainment UCR
Your office support is oftentimes a client's first impression of your company. It is important to have office staff who is professional, personable and pleasant. My passion is finding that perfect person who will make a great, lasting first impression of your company!
Roles hired:
Executive Assistants Administrative Assistants Clerical Specialists Data Analysts Receptionists
ADP Inc. Corinthian Colleges Disneyland UCR
Accounting / Finance is a critical department for all companies! It is important to find candidates that are very detailed oriented and accurate, in order to avoid any penalties. I have placed many candidates who were very successful, and I can help you find the right candidate!
Roles hired:
Payroll Tax Specialists Accountants Financial Analysts Payroll Processors Accounting Managers
ADP Inc. Jakks Pacific Corinthian Colleges UCR
Your operations professionals need to be top-notch in order for the company to run like a well-oiled machine. Different types of roles create your operations team, ranging from auditors to help desk operators. I have hired professionals in a variety of operations roles for different industries.
Roles hired:
Procurement / Purchasing Specialists Warehouse Managers Help Desk Operators Campus Presidents Director of Education Compliance Specialists Auditors
ADP Inc. Corinthian Colleges Disneyland Sprint PCS

Where I work...

Riverside, California
United States: Pleasanton, El Paso, Florence, Fort Collins, Alpharetta, Seattle, Portland
I have recruited remotely for locations throughout the United States. Positions which I have recruited include customer service specialists; payroll specialists; security specialists; tax specialists; for-profit education leaders; sales associates.

Emma Geach worked for Corinthian Colleges a Senior Division Recruiter for several years and later as a contract recruiter. l hired and supervised Emma, but she needs little supervision. She was responsible for all aspects of the recruiting process for management level employees at all of our west coast campuses and also lent assistance as needed for staff level positions. Emma is very thorough and detail oriented. She can be counted on handling all aspects of search from posting the opening to offer letters to the candidate. She has served in this capacity for several large organizations and is familiar with modern computerized job posting and resume data bank systems. She gets high marks for support from the hiring managers and from the candidates. I am please to highly recommend Emma for any recruiting opportunities and am confident she will satisfy your needs.

Frank HR Director, Corinthian Colleges, Inc., 

Emma is a very engaging person. Her interactions with her hiring managers was excellent. Emma had great follow up and was able to maintain a heavy requisition load and still provided excellent customer service. It was a pleasure being Emma's manager.

Chuck Talent Acquisition Manager, ADP, Inc., 

Emma worked with the West National Service Center as our Sr. Recruiter. She was able to fill any and all positions effectively and her survey scores from new hires were very good. She also worked with me on reporting issues and was very creative in her approach. She is an excellent problem solver and extremely responsive.

Jennifer HR Director, ADP, Inc., 
Positions held:
Recruiting Consultant 2011 - 2013
Senior Recruiter 2009 - 2011
Senior Recruiter 1999 - 2009
Claremont Graduate University 2010

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