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Ellie Dailey

Ellie Dailey

San Francisco, California

15 years of Global Recruitment experience in Silicon Valley, Asia & Europe at all levels in Tech and Finance.

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A company not operating effectively will fail. At the centre comes the machine and often the best people are found there
Roles hired:
COO Operations Analysts Scheduling Support
Visa Firefly Many banks and wealth funds
Is it all hot air or will they make you money? Appreciation for REAL skills at sales as opposed to empty promises.
Roles hired:
Head of Sales Global and Regional and Inside Account Executives and Managers
Firefly Visa Small start-ups and satellite growth. As well as Recruiters! They're sales guys too after all
Global reach of talent to get into the local market, explore the options and ensure a fast turnaround.
Roles hired:
Customer Support and Call Center
Deep knowledge of the industry - first hand. Ability to recognize those who are effective and those who hinder progress. An appreciation for good talent in this field.
Roles hired:
Head of HR Talent Acquisition Head Recruiters at all levels for all industries. Payroll & Compensation
Morgan Stanley Visa Sovereign Wealth Funds
I started recruiting Office Managers in London and have recruited support staff all over the world.
Roles hired:
Office Manager EA PA Team support
JP Morgan Morgan Stanley Standard Chartered Shuaa Capital and other Investment funds and Private Wealth and Sovereign Wealth Funds
Ran the regional Technology and CSS recruitment team for APAC from Singapore for Visa. Engineers all over Asia including India and the Philippines
Roles hired:
Network engineers coders programmers various technologies. Also Data Center engineers - Cisco related
Visa Cisco

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
Malaysia; France; Australia; Philippines; India; Singapore; Oman; Germany; China; United States: San Francisco Bay Area, New York; United Kingdom; Kuwait; Hong Kong; United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi; Bahrain; Vietnam
Recruited initially in the UK (where I'm from) the Middle East from Dubai and then APAC from Singapore. Currently based in the Bay Area but happy to recruit anywhere.

Ellie Daily a master at developing deep networks and getting the hiring results needed to scale a business. For two years, I worked closely with Ellie to scale Firefly’s growth and service capabilities. She found EXTREMELY hard to find skill sets in a tight job market. Ellie was flexible, asked the right questions, provided constant feedback and worked tirelessly to find the skills we needed. Her proven results enabled company growth through a period of very high demand within a short ramp period. Ellie effectively engages management to fast track the right candidates, while actively keeping a large pool of future promising hires warm and engaged. I highly recommend Ellie to help any organization with their hiring needs.

Positions held:
Founder 2017 - current
Director of Global Talent Acquisition 2015 - current
Regional Talent Acquisition Manager - APAC Technology 2012 - 2014
Founder 2018 - current
Durham University, UK 2001

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