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Edwin Simon Miraflor

Edwin Simon Miraflor

San Francisco, California

Technology focused with proven hiring methods in competitive markets. Results Driven, Speaks the Truth, and always Closing.

Technology Operations
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4 reviews
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My Recruiting Experience

2 projects $3,850 average cost
I've worked in Emerging Technology since 1995. Being able to work and interact with leading talent and technology firms that will be shaping our lives is very exciting for me. I live and love technology.
Roles hired:
Software Engineer (Front-End Back-End Full-Stack) UX Designer Product Manager Analytics Manager/Engineer Director and VP of Technology SWAT QA/Automation Evangelist and many more
Captora Pandora Marketo Nielsen Polaris Wireless Zoosk Orbitz Nextag Storefront
Operations is quite broad. I worked in two specific areas - Operations within an R&D organization and Operations in a Telecom environment, two completely different fields. Within R&D, it's your typical roles that support the organization from basic Desktop Support to the VP of IT. I understand all the supporting roles and how they function within the organization. I've done a lot of work within the Telecom ecosystem. Operations in telecom encompasses some of the same roles in an R&D organization plus the extensive support network necessary in deploying network build outs and deployments. I've worked with R&D, Carriers, and OEM's.
Roles hired:
PostgreSQL DBA Senior Systems Administrator Network Manager VP of Operations Security Architect
Pandora Marketo At Hoc Workday Polaris Wireless

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
United States: Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, San Diego
I have been working as a remote recruiter for the past 10 years.

Edwin did a fantastic job recruiting Engineering candidates for us. In addition to knowing how to find needle-in-a-haystack talent, he has excellent candidate management skills and kept our tough group of hiring managers happy, too! Highly recommended and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again someday!

Kim Broadbeck VP of HR, Marketo, 

I worked with several recruiters at Marketo but recruiting didn't pick up until Edwin arrived. Edwin was super organized, responsive, and resourceful. He saved a lot of time for me as the hiring manager and he was great with closing recruits as well. I highly recommend Edwin's recruiting services.

Bryce Yan Director of Engineering, Marketo, 

I have hired Edwin at a number of companies and at each one, he has been my "go to" recruiter. Edwin has a unique gift of not only being a stellar recruiter, but able to manage expectations with hiring managers, ability to enhance and build recruiting process and is always there when you need him. Edwin shall always be my go to recruiter and will continue to use him in the future.

Carl Sweet Director of Staffing, Marketo, 

As a recruiter, Edwin gave me a very good impression about the company I'm going to work for. He's very detailed, provide as much information he can up front. He tried his best to make the interviewing/hiring process smooth and pleasant. I really think he's one of the best recruiter I have ever worked with in my 10 years working experience.

Jane Liu Senior Software Engineer, Marketo, 
Positions held:
Owner/President/Recruiter/Consultant 2001 - current

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