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Daniel Poore

Daniel Poore

San Francisco, California

Hardworking Senior Recruiter offering 18+ years of experience in the field and looking for a challenging new role. I always find the talent!

Sales Technology
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75 USD
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7 reviews
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My Recruiting Experience

If I could find an area beside technology it would be sales. I am adept at securing sales talent from BDR- VP level talent.
Roles hired:
BDR AE Director VP
OKTA Agora StorageWay etc
I am a Senior Recruiter who specializes across most companies ecosystem. If I could call one area a specialty it would be technology.
Roles hired:
Senior Developers Engineers etc
OKTA etc

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
United States: San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Indianapolis, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire
I have worked as a remote recruiter half of my career and have the maturity, discipline, and expertise to help you find the talent you need.

I worked with Dan at ZeroCater and would recommend him as a professional recruiter. Dan works tirelessly to fill any role, all with a smile on his face. Not only is Dan willing to help his team on any search, he made coming into work fun!

Nicole McDougal Associate, Calibre One, LinkedIn profile

Dan and I worked together at TokBox when I was first building out a team. I'd never done it before, and he helped me both understand what I needed, and coach me through the process of bringing someone in, getting the business aligned around who to hire, and getting that person signed.

For a young manager who needs a partner in crime, I would recommend Dan as their recruiter.

Melih Onvural VP Products, SumAll, LinkedIn profile

Dan is a fantastic recruiter and sourcer he worked on some technical and operation roles for us on a very part-time basis and we could not be happier. He is outstanding while articulating our value proposition and is great at influencing candidates. I highly recommend!

Gaea Arnold Regional Property Manager, California Landmark Group, LinkedIn profile

Dan is a pro at sourcing candidates. Given a very granular scope of candidates, he was able to locate them and get them in for an interview.

His presence in the office is upbeat and he has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed working with him at ZeroCater and am sure any office he is located is illuminated with his warm and friendly attitude.

Keith Bowles IT and Operations Manager, ZeroCater, LinkedIn profile

Dan has worked for me at several companies. He is the first person I call if I need a recruiter. He is a relentless sourcer. He has a unique ability to quickly build rapport with a candidate. Feedback regarding Dan from candidates always include words such as "honest, responsive, professional." More than once a candidate has remarked that it was the best recruiting experience of their career. Rather than a "shotgun" approach used by many recruiters, Dan will present a handful of qualified, interested, viable candidates. He never sugar-coats a situation and tells it like it is. He has saved my hiring managers countless hours by correctly vetting candidates at the top of the funnel. He has my highest recommendation.

Phil Haake Building Teams -, First50, LinkedIn profile

Dan is a great sourcer/hunter of talent!

Sharon Kittredje Talent Partner & Coach, LinkedIn profile

I worked with Dan at RGA, Tokbox, Spectrum, and Dan has always been a great colleague, mentor, and friend. He is a great negotiator, has strong business acumen, and can identify and vet top talent across most industries. I would love to work with Dan again and I am sure anyone would.

Melanie Mamed Recruiter, Sourcer, and Managing Partner, TapAudience, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Senior Recruiter -1 - current
Senior Recruiter/Sourcer -2 - current

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