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Carol Moore

Carol Moore

Chicago, Illinois

Having me in your corner is knowing that the situation is HANDLED! I've got your back!

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70 USD
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We use technology to drive our mission forward. Don't you owe it to yourself to identify employees with strong technical aptitudes and strong communications skills.
Roles hired:
Application Developer Database Administrator Java Developer .NET Developer Software Architect
The best sales people have a fire in the belly to exceed expectations and overcome every objection. I can introduce you to the best candidates.
Roles hired:
Territory Manager Outside Sales Representative National Sales Manager Account Executive
Every first interaction sets the stage for the beginning of the relationship. Customer focused employees need to be aware of their customers needs and concerns before they are stated. Let me assist in identifying the next Rock Start that can lead your company into the future.
Roles hired:
Customer Support Engineer Help Desk Specialist Customer Service Representative Technical Support Specialist Sales Engineer
One of our greatest missions in life is to care for our health and wellbeing, the healthcare industry is in need of skilled care workers to assist with patient care, managing/retrieving healthcare data and controlling cost. Let's work together to stay ahead of the pack.
Roles hired:
Clinical Research Associate Triage Nurse Physician's Assistant Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Medical Biller/Coder
Is your message clear? Does your audience relate to your product messaging? Let's make an impact on perception.
Roles hired:
Brand Manager Inside Sales Representative Media Buyer Product Manager SEO Manager
Orbitz Emerson
When everyone else goes to bed, operations keeps the business running. Utilizing my services will get you to the correct person, Someone willing and interested in controlling cost and keeping things running smoothly.
Roles hired:
Plant Manager Production Manager Operations Research Analyst Business Operations Manager Business Analyst
Emerson Orbitz

Where I work...

Chicago, Illinois
United States: Rochester, Austin, Houston, St Paul, Rochester, Phoenix, Atlanta, Jackson, St Louis, Orange; United Kingdom; Canada: Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto
I have been involved in remote recruitment for the majority of my career. Most opportunities have been US based, I have limited experience with International recruiting. I am comfortable using behavioral interviewing, targeted interviewing and skill based interviewing techniques.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
Massage Therapist/Wellness Specialist 2005 - 2014
Senior Professional Placement Recruiter 2005 - 2008
Human Resource Consultant 2004 - 2014
Technical Recruiter 2001 - 2004
HRCI 2006

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