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Bob Britz

Bob Britz

Walnut Creek, California

Finding key talent in the sales, marketing, project management and technical fields to grow businesses in this or any economy.

Sales Marketing Technology
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My Recruiting Experience

I have spent my entire career recruiting,hiring and grooming sales team members from product to services and any combination in between. As a Sales Director, VP and trainer I can easily detect key sales persons in the hiring process to ensure positive and profitable results.
Roles hired:
Field Sales Manager Account Manager Enterprise Sales Manager Product Sales Manaager Retail Sales Business Development Mangager
Ryno Technologies Vector ESP MTM Technologies Citirx Systems The King's Jewelers MBI Technilogies
Technology specialists are motivated by their opportunities to learn new things. Their ability to change roles is predicated upon the detection and confirmation of a stable work environment where they can learn and grow.
Roles hired:
Pre-Sales Engineer Technical Engineer Systems Engineer Engineering Manager
Ryno Technologies Vector ESP MTM Technologies
I have identified key attributes of marketers whether conventional marketing or social media / online marketing. Understanding the backgrounds and behavioral attributes that makes a stelar marketer give me an advantage in the marketplace.
Roles hired:
Marketing Manager Online Marketing Specialist
Ryno Technologies Vector ESP MBI Interactive

Where I work...

Walnut Creek, California
United States: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Seattle, Los Angeles, Stockton, Fresno, Denver
I have been placing candidates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Southern California and Sacramento. Not all candidates want to work in their current location, and I have the ability to underwrite placements in locations other than Northern California.

I have hired several employees over the last 4 years with Bob's assistance. His insight into different personalities and how they will fit with the job I have to offer has been invaluable! I will continue to use him for every hiring opportunity that I have! Highly recommended!

Dave McConnell President at "The King's Jewelers" William McConnell & Son, Inc., LinkedIn profile

Bob Britz was my first business coach while I owned Marissa Berger Interactive, Inc. One of the most important things he taught me was how to hire people. Prior to his coaching I had focused on skills only and kept hiring programmers who were very smart and capable but who lost me money. Through his step-by-step process and his guidance on hiring for attitude instead of skill, I was able to hire programmers who helped me grow the company and who stayed with me for many years. More importantly, I hired my first assistant at Bob's insistence. He could see what I could not. That person became my right hand for many years. Bob's deep insight into people and his action-focused approach are a fantastic combination for recruiting.

Marissa Berger Business Coach at The Contractors Coach, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Principal Consultant 2006 - current
Principal Consultant 2006 - current
Director of Strategic Planning 2012 - 2014
West Coast Area Director 2003 - 2006
Director of Field Sales 2000 - 2002
VP of Sales and Marketing 1998 - 2000
TTI International 2006

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