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Antonio Da Mota

Antonio Da Mota

London, United Kingdom

Experienced Full-life Cycle Recruiter/Headhunter. Main experience in Healthcare and some in Fashion and Marketing. I speak 6 languages.

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100 GBP
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My Recruiting Experience

I am a pharmacist by trade so I know the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries extremely well. I worked for Pfizer for many years as well as for a small pharma company. I also worked for many Hospitals and Pharmacies in many countries.
Roles hired:
Head of Quality Europe Quality Assurance Manager Head of Quality Control Qualified Person Head of Quality Assurance Microbiology Head
Big and small pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland Germany France UK and Italy

Where I work...

London, United Kingdom
Spain; United States; Germany; Switzerland; Italy; France; United Kingdom
I have been working as a remote headhunter/recruiter since I started. I conduct interviews on skype or whatsapp video.

Thanks to Antonio Da Mota I found a new job in Switzerland, exactly the geographical region where I was looking to move.
His approach was always very professional and friendly, his input was crucial for me to be well prepared during the interviews.
He also did his very best with final salary negotiations and has been following-up after my assignment started.
Antonio is a great person.

Damiano Iannucci Supervisore del controllo qualità presso Ingenus Pharmaceuticals, LinkedIn profile

Antonio helped me find a great job in one of the best and biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

He headhunted me in a correct and polite way asking me about my current situation and presenting me the job opportunity.

His assistance throughout the recruitment process was very helpful, his negotiation skills were key to be able to have a later commencement date as the initial date proposed by the employer was simply impossible for me. Highly recommended professional.

Aristeidis Niotis QA Manager ESO Aseptics, Novartis, LinkedIn profile

The collaboration with Antonio Da Mota was very professional and on a personal level right from the start. In each step of my application process i felt prepared in the best kind of way. This combination gave me the inner balance and confidence, which led to my employment in the desired position at a big pharma company. Therefore I can recommend him for anyone who has the motivation and the conviction to take the next crucial step in the GMP-regulated field.

Tobias Kirchler Deputy Head of Quality Control, BioNTech AG, LinkedIn profile

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Antonio Da Mota in a recruitment process that resulted in my placement for a Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company. Antonio first approached me to discuss my desired career path, creating a transparent and friendly environment. He then presented me the job opportunity which indeed was a correct step forward in my career. His approach was always impeccable and his help throughout the whole process was fundamental for me to be the selected candidate. He helped me in understanding the role, the company's culture, the interview process and he was key in the final and always difficult salary negotiation, mainly due to different type of taxation.
After joining the company he is still regularly contacting me, ensuring that everything is aligned with my ambition.
Great professional!!

Francesco Pedretti Quality Assurance Manager, Takeda, LinkedIn profile

Antonio opened me the doors to a great job opportunity where I can find together work progression and a great work environment.
During the whole process I had the feeling of being supported by a realistic and conscientious professional always by my side, which resulted in a great work opportunity where I am proud to be able to contribute my experience and abilities while being part of a dynamic team and in continuous improvement:
From the first moment Antonio knew how to understand my profile and introduce it only to positions where I could add value and fit. His knowledge of the pharmaceutical world makes him sensitive to understand the interests that move us in our jobs and the capabilities of each one of us which can be synergistic with the team.
It has been a pleasure and I am grateful for the good work in helping me to continue growing in my profession.

Alejandro Battaner Dubois Quality Assurance at Pharmaceutical Production Processes, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Headhunter/Recruiter 2013 - current
University of Coimbra

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