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Aaron Savage

Aaron Savage

Gainesville, Florida

I have experience and ability for being able to find the best in Finance, Accounting, Technology, and Sales at levels for clients.

Sales Admin / Office Accounting / Finance
Hourly rate
100 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

I look for detail oriented people who have had a good record of success. They have a background that shows they can work well on meeting goals for the company.
Roles hired:
Accounting Manager Tax Accountant Auditor Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Finance Analyst Accounting Specialist Senior Accountant
Marsh and Mclennan Canon General Dynamics Nutiva Wills Group
I look for a track record of success in working with managing businesses and being able to provide good service. They need to be good at providing their work on time and delivering what is needed. Look for people that have proven to be an asset to companies they work for. People with a good background from different companies that have proven they are a good fit for the position.
Roles hired:
Office Assistant Manager
March and Mclennan Canon General Dynamics Interactive Brokers Wills Group
I have recruited people in this area and I am able to focus on people with these skills by finding those with a talent for selling. They have to have good background with meeting goals and be able to meet the needs of the employer. I look for people who have been successful with selling different products for companies and are good at communicating with customers. They should have been able to show they can deliver on their sales, that they have the ability to reach out and develop customers for the business.
Roles hired:
Sales Representative Sales Manager Business Development Manager Sales Assistant Account Manager VP Sales Inside Sales Sales Executive
Canon Boeing General dynamics CarMax Generac

Where I work...

Gainesville, Florida
United States: Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Boston
I am recruiter who has been proven successful in finding talent in the Accounting, Business, Finance, and IT industry community. I look for candidates with the experience that our clients are needing and can deliver results they want. Using many of the contacts I have developed over the years I can source quality candidates. This includes my Linkedin page which is involved in a good network of people. I also use job boards and search tools to find candidates who will meet client's qualifications. I have had good success in the past with clients in different industries and have been able to find candidates who have been a good fit for them. Making sure to take the time to understand the client and their needs is important. I try to find candidates by using the many resources and tools that are available. Also making sure to understand the client and assignment so I can provide what they need.

Has been great at recruiting for my company. Provided quality candidates we needed.

John Thompson --, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Recruiter 2016 - current
Sales Representative Realtor 2013 - 2016
Human Resources Recruiting 2009 - 2013
Auditor 2008 - 2009
Franklin University 2008
University of Florida 2003

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