Send Invoices & Get Paid Online

Fair pay for fair work. Whatever your pricing model – hourly, contingent, retained – we’ve got you covered with simple invoicing and online payments.

Track Time & Activities

Hourly recruiting? No problem, log the hours you work with 100% transparency to your client. Have expenses you need to pass onto your client? That’s easy. We know bookkeeping is never fun, but we’ll save you some of the pain.

Create Beautiful, Professional Invoices

You’re a pro so your invoices should look professional too. Create an invoice and send it off to your client in just a few clicks. Clients are sent a unique URL with their invoice so they can easily view it and be impressed at how simple and elegant it looks.

Get Paid Online

Conversations about payment can be uncomfortable and take away time that should be dedicated to recruiting. If only your clients could pay instantaneously with no hassle… Oh wait, they totally can with RecruitLoop.

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