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Our platform is open to recruiters all over the world, but we approve less than 5% to work with our clients. All verified recruiters receive ongoing professional development, with transparent ratings and feedback directly from clients.

Our Verification Checklist
  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Verified client references
  • Verified candidate references
  • Completed onboarding program
  • Matched with experienced RecruitMentor
  • Commitment to RecruitLoop Manifesto
I've trained thousands of recruiters in my career, and have applied these methods to ensure we only verify the best independent recruiters on RecruitLoop.
Paul Slezak, Cofounder & CEO, Head of Marketplace

Specialist Recruiters For Any Hiring Need

  • Anne Downing
    Anne Downing
    50 projects

    “Anne has been tremendous to work with. She was responsive and always on top of the process.”

  • Paul Convery
    Paul Convery
    Executive search

    “Paul is a great partner to work with. He is mindful of my time and is efficient in delivering high quality, relevant candidates.”

  • Andre Davis
    Andre Davis
    Qualified attorney

    “Andre was able to find a Japanese and English Bilingual QA Medical Device professional willing to relocate from America to a remote factory in Japan with a week’s time.”

  • Tatiana Wicke
    Tatiana Wicke
    Marketing & sales

    “Tatiana was great to work with. She was professional, prompt and most importantly, she delivered on her promise.”

  • Charlie McClaskie
    Charlie McClaskie
    45 projects

    “Charlie was able to close his first requisition within one weeks time. I recommend Charlie to any busy internal recruiting team who actually needs a top-notch recruiter!”

  • Mark Israel
    Mark Israel
    Technology sales

    “Mark keeps you continually up-to-date and can modify his search in real-time as he gets relevant feedback from you, the hirer. I will use him again.”

  • Jonathan Buzelan
    Jonathan Buzelan
    100+ projects

    “Jonathan is a rare recruiter in that he went above and beyond to make sure we were successful. The candidate we hired stated he was the best recruiter he ever worked with.”

  • Lisa Noeltner
    Lisa Noeltner
    Tech veteran

    “Lisa was amazing in every way. Great communicator every step of the way. We would use her again in a heartbeat.”

  • Staci Witten
    Staci Witten
    HR expert

    “Her ability to understand our needs, hone in on the right person and facilitate a process to make the right hiring decision was invaluable!”

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