Where Do You Find Your Perfect Person?

Your good candidates must be hiding SOMEwhere. During sourcing, you go hunting for your perfect person. (They're not prey, though. I guess our metaphor broke there.)

Active Sourcing

If you put a great job ad in the right places, you should find some amazing candidates who are actively looking for jobs. Maybe they’re tired of where they are now. Maybe they need to move jobs for personal reasons. With the right bait, you can hook great active candidates.

Passive Sourcing

Even when you have a great active pipeline, you still want to find rockstar candidates who aren’t actively looking. Great sourcers use ninja-like abilities to identify perfect candidates on LinkedIn (or wherever they’re hiding) who won’t apply to your ad.


A good recruiter will help you build a shortlist of only the best candidates for your role. You can choose to see every candidate’s credentials but have some prioritized. Or you can save major time by only reviewing the very top of the stack. What you choose to do is flexible, & shortlisting is a huge time saver.

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