How Do You Narrow Down Your Options?

You have a huge list. You want to get to a small list of people who can all do the job so you don't waste hours interviewing the wrong people. Good screening processes make it quick and easy to find the few awesome needles in your candidate haystack.

Candidate Qualification

You’ve got a great list of names of potential rockstars. They look awesome on paper, but are they really right? Are they even interested in learning more about your opportunity? Qualifying candidates takes up tons of time. Catch them when they’re free to talk & give them enough information to whet their appetite, but leave them wanting more.

Skills Testing

You need your new employee to hit the ground running. So you have to ensure they really have the skills. Lots of different skills and aptitude tests can be tailored & administered to benchmark & assess shortlisted candidates.

Initial Interviewing

You can see qualifications, past experience & other skills on a CV. But you still don’t know anything about candidates as people. Whether conducted via phone or video, the initial interview helps reveal the candidate’s goals and motivations, their communication style, & whether they've even thought about your specific role.

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