What Makes the Ideal Candidate?

Just dumping a job description out to the web isn't going to cut it anymore. Today's candidates want to be intrigued as well as know what you're looking for. You need to know where your perfect candidates are sitting, what salary you'll be offering, and what kind of performance you'll be expecting.

Market Mapping

Where's your ideal candidate sitting right now? What other companies employ the person you’re looking for? Mapping the market in terms of competitors and other lead sources, uncovering org charts & creating a long list of the potential is your 1st step in IDing the perfect candidate.

Performance Profile

Define your new employee’s success from the get go. What exactly are you expecting from the successful candidate (in terms of their performance) at the 3, 6, 9, & 12-month mark? These "success expectations" must all be measurable & will assist you during recruitment.

Job Description

Too many companies just list everything they can think of for a role & then publish it. Job descriptions like that don’t attract or impress your ideal candidates. Writing a tailored job description is just as important as any other piece of marketing collateral your company produces — & it can be just as challenging.

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