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Within 3 weeks we had a solid pool of sales candidates to assess. Matt Cameron Vice President of Sales, Scripted Hired an Enterprise Sales Executive: $2,700

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Matt Cameron
What was your recruitment plan pre-RecruitLoop?

We were using standard job sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired and LinkedIn to post position descriptions. Due to the niche nature of what we do, we had very little inbound interest due to the fact that we could not articulate the potential of our business in a few words on a job description. We needed to bring on Enterprise Sales executives to meet the demand for our services by sophisticated clients and just couldn't get to the right profile of candidate with job boards.

Matt Cameron
What did RecruitLoop do for you, and how did that change your company's life?

RecruitLoop sourced me a seasoned recruiter who had significant domain experience and a network from which to draw. Within 3 weeks we had a solid pool of candidates to assess, which ultimately resulted in us making a hire within 5 weeks, which contrasted starkly with the prior 6 weeks when we had spent without any luck at all. RecruitLoop's ability to find us a candidate without involving me in onerous talent screening allowed us focus on running the business successfully for Q1, whilst setting us up for success for Q2 through sourcing a great hire. Without RecruitLoop's service we would have had to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a retained search, which would have delivered similar results at 10x the cost.

Matt Cameron
What would you say to someone considering using RecruitLoop?

Don't waste time trying to source candidates yourself when you can have a professional recruiter working with you for a fraction of the cost of retained search.

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