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We used RecruitLoop's video interviews to screen 300 candidates in six weeks Farina Schurzfeld General Manager, Airtasker Screened 300 candidates in 6 weeks

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Farina Schurzfeld
Why did you originally connect with RecruitLoop?

After initially meeting RecruitLoop at a local Sydney startup meet-up I started talking about their their video interview product and immediately realised it would be the perfect solution to the challenge we were facing around the launch of a curated profile solution for users to stand out of the crowd: AirtaskerPRO.

Farina Schurzfeld
How was RecruitLoop able to help your business?

For a young startup with both limited time and resources, it seemed almost impossible or at least extremely expensive to either outsource our recruitment process or to interview literally hundreds of applicants personally for our new program. RecruitLoop's video interview offering allowed us to quickly screen all the candidates without time-consuming face-to-face meetings, by storinge the data and thus providing us with an applicant video directory to use in real time. It was such an easy way to get over our recruitment roadblock.

Farina Schurzfeld
How would you describe your RecruitLoop experience?

I was surprised at how easy and smooth integrating RecruitLoop's video interviews into our recruitment process was. We'd been so concerned about the amount of time and money we would have had to spend on screening. Best of all we were able to screen 300 candidates in just six weeks!


Airtasker is an online marketplace that connects people seeking to outsource everyday tasks and errands with trusted, reliable people who can complete those tasks for them.

Airtasker is essentially a global version of the "supermarket notice board" quick and easy available in the cloud- both on your phone and on the web.