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RecruitLoop found us an Office Manager in 12 hours Edward Mallett Managing Director, Employsure Hired an Office Manager: $1,850

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Edward Mallett
Why did you originally engage RecruitLoop?

I'd used traditional recruitment agencies in the past. But building my own business meant that I didn't have such a luxury. Since I was initially drawn to RecruitLoop I've managed to avoid hefty recruitment agency fees while receiving a faster, far better outcome for 1/10 of the usual price.

Edward Mallett
What types of roles have you briefed RecruitLoop on?

RecruitLoop has helped us recruit for several roles, including sales specialists and office support staff. Having an expert recruiter who gets us and who we really trust has been a blessing, saving us time and money.

Edward Mallett
How would you describe your RecruitLoop experience?

Putting aside the immense cost saving, knowing that we can access recruiters with 10+ years experience has really helped take the stress out of growing the team. Our recruiter Bernadette has even been able to help us in parts of our business aside from staffing. It's been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to partner with RecruitLoop in the future.


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