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RecruitLoop partners with my clients as an extension of their businesses Caroline Gilroy Head of New Clients & Partnerships, Gallop Solutions Hired a Senior Accountant: $1,155

My Story

Caroline Gilroy
How did you learn about RecruitLoop?

I first came across RecruitLoop through my professional networking group. I knew instantly that I had finally found a cost effective, highly reputable recruitment partner I could trust and introduce to my own clients in the SMB and not-for-profit sectors.

Caroline Gilroy
How has RecruitLoop been able to help you and your business?

I work closely with small business owners to help them grow their businesses and in turn their teams. There's no way they can afford or justify an exorbitant recruitment fee. But they're certainly not experienced when it comes to recruitment either. When my clients need to hire, I know I can introduce them to a RecruitLoop recruiter who can help them with as much or as little of the recruitment process as they may require at the time.

Caroline Gilroy
What has been your clients' reaction to working with RecruitLoop?

One of my clients had been desperately trying to find a Senior Accountant for several months to no avail. When I introduced him to Tamara from RecruitLoop he was slightly unsure at first. But since she partnered with him as an extension of his business and found him an amazing candidate in about 10 days for under $1,200, he hasn't been happier. Of course that was a great win for all of us. I am happy when my clients are happy.

Gallop Solutions

Gallop Solutions is an award winning business management transformation and growth training company. In the last three and a half years the team have helped over 200 business owners and leaders to start and navigate their way to business freedom for them and their teams. Whether that is to create the funds to invest for expansion, create value to divest or time to kick back and relax and enjoy their success.

The Gallop programs empower business owners and their teams to become more efficient, profitable and fun companies. Our amazing clients all have differing goals for their businesses, we help them develop the structure and navigate the pathway and utilise the tools for them to achieve their vision for the business and their personal lives.