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We've used RecruitLoop to fill five positions in four months Andreas Lippa General Manager, ALG Hired an International Student Advisor: $1,785

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Andreas Lippa
How did you find out about RecruitLoop?

I was immediately intrigued by the RecruitLoop offer when I read about them in the startup press. The model seemed like a no brainer. I could pay a recruiter by the hour!

Andreas Lippa
What type of staff has RecruitLoop helped you hire?

So far, I have used RecruitLoop to source International Student Advisors for our Sydney and Perth campuses. We've been able to use the same recruiter who really understands our business for both cities and she's also been able to help us source an Accounts Officer and Marketing Executive.

Andreas Lippa
How has RecruitLoop made a difference to your business?

We haven't had to brief different recruiters in all our markets. We've been able to use the same 'virtual recruiter' who really understands the way our business works. What's even better is that we've been able to assess candidates via video interview - which has been a massive time saver in itself. RecruitLoop's cost savings, innovative model and approach to recruitment are fantastic. I'd struggled with hiring in the past. But knowing that RecruitLoop can help me find great candidates for around $1,500 has been great for us.

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