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Social Media Screening: What You Need to Know as an Employer [Infographic]


Editor’s Note: This post is by Paul Slezak, Cofounder and CEO of RecruitLoop – the World’s largest marketplace of expert Recruiters and Sourcers available on-demand.

Hiring professionals may believe there’s no such thing as too much information when searching for talent. This is especially true in the healthcare sector, where the lives of an employee’s patients literally can hang in the balance.

From that perspective, the emergence of social media may appear on the surface to be a boon to HR departments. After all, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter encourage users to share any and all personal details. This makes them a potential treasure trove of information for recruiters to review when vetting candidates. However, the decision to mine social media for details about a potential candidate isn’t as simple as it appears.

Just because a person makes certain information about his or her life public knowledge on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for hiring professionals to factor it into a candidate search. Indeed, there may be ethical and legal repercussions for employers who choose to make this part of their process.

That’s why it’s important to establish and follow guidelines before digging through a potential new hire’s social footprint. Transparency, discretion, and skepticism should be applied in equal measure to ensure that social media searches yield only the most relevant and useful data.If your business wants to make social media screening part of its hiring process, check out the checklist below produced by our friends at Grant Cooper. It contains some pros, cons, and useful guidelines you should know.

Paul Slezak

Cofounder and CEO at RecruitLoop. I've been a hands on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the recruitment industry for nearly 25 years. Follow me @paul_slezak.


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