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What it Means to Add Value as a Recruiter Today


As recruiters we can often get very carried away with the notion of finding new clients and candidates. But once the thrill of the win is behind us (and we’ve made the placement and sent the invoice), the once all-important candidates and clients often experience a serious case of neglect.

This first module will focus on:

• Establishing what ‘value’ really means to you and your client;
• Building stronger relationships and creating a better customer experience;
• Taking more control and not being a yes person;
• Becoming a Trusted Advisor and raising your level of credibility in the eyes of your clients; and
• The concept of ‘Tough Love’ vs being ‘blackmailed’.

Heather Page

Client Success Manager & Advocate Marketer @ RecruitLoop. Loves handmade cards, exploring the world, learning new things, and riding a bike. For insights on travel & remote work follow me @heatherkpage


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