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How to Build Your RecruitLoop Business Entirely Through Referrals


Many RecruitLoop recruiters are looking to grow their businesses but are not sure where to start.

Over the last few months you may have heard us talking about the power of the BNI network and how it has helped many of our Power Loopers (Legends and Gurus) get to where they are today.

In this “RecruitLoop Live” Q&A session, we’ll be speaking with Carolyn Reinholdt – founder and independent recruiter with Talent Maven, RecruitLoop recruiter, and also Director Consultant for BNI San Francisco West Bay.

Carolyn has been an active member of BNI for many years and has also held various leadership roles and today is responsible for helping launch new BNI chapters. All the while she has grown a very successful independent recruitment business based entirely on referrals from her BNI network.

Join us for this live chat with Carolyn and you will learn:

  • What BNI is all about, and why it is so well suited to RecruitLoop recruiters;
  • The concept of “givers gain” and the power of a strong referral network; and
  • How to build a successful recruitment business based entirely on referrals.

Kenza Idrissi


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