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May 2016 – High fives and shout outs!

Happy June, friends! May was an interesting month, with lots to celebrate. Last month also included some great feedback from clients. Take a look here to see what clients had to say!

Top Loop Participants!

Last month we announced changes to our recruiter community network, the Loop. We moved to a new community platform that is geared towards creating conversations and sharing regular updates. If you’re not signed up yet, click here to get in the Loop!

With launching our re-vamped community network, we’ve been promoting the new Loop and hoping our loopers would join up. Fortunately, many have. Of course, some are chattier than others. Here are our top 5 most active ‘loopers in the loop’. Thanks to all of you who’ve joined, and a special thanks to these lovely people who participate by contributing to the community conversations:

Sandra Karamitelios Profile Photo Wendy De Audney Profile Photo Richard Sherman Profile Photo James Harman Profile Photo Rick Gilbert Profile Photo
Sandra Karamitelios
Wendy De Audney
Richard Sherman
James Harman
Rick Gilbert

First Project

Polly So Profile PhotoA very special congratulations goes out to today to Polly So! Polly is a California based tech recruiter, who was referred to join our community by Danny Powell. After meeting many clients, attending many Q&As, and working with a mentor, Polly finally won her first client brief! She’s kicked off her very first project, and we can’t wait to see what more she achieves! Congratulations Polly on a well-deserved success. Your hard work, enthusiasm, and patience are all remarkable. Way to go!!


Commission Graduates

When the calendar flipped over on March 1st, the new RecruitLoop Commissions went live. They’ve been applied to all projects launched from March 1st, 2016. You can get all the details here.

Our graduations list is shorter today, but no less exciting. After more than a year of joy with RecruitLoop, working remotely from every corner of the globe, we congratulate Rebecca Martinez on graduating to the level of Rockstar!

New “Active”

  • Laura Labine
  • Michael Berger

New “Stars”

  • Shane Donohoe
  • Caron Pretorius

New “Rockstars”

  • Warwick Peel
  • Sandra Karamitelios
  • Trish Weese

New “Guru”

  • Deepa Surti
  • Danny Powell
  • Mark Israel
  • Rebecca Martinez

Top Support Ticket Writers

If you saw our community round up in January, you know that we’ve been experimenting with some different categories. One category we’ll be bringing into the mix is “top support ticket writers”. What does it all mean? When you write to us for help or to report a bug at, we’re able to generate a bunch of different stats. One such report tells us who writes to us the most. Here are the top 5 people that we were lucky to hear from the most in May!

Danny Powell Andrea Wasser Tejil Tandon Tamara Blythman Jeff Daspit Profile Photo
Danny Powell
Andrea Wasser
Tejil Tandon
Tamara Blythman
Jeff Daspit

May Top 10

As usual, we celebrate our top earning recruiters for the month of May. Huge congratulations go out to all of you!

Bernadette Eichner Profile Photo Anne Downing Profile Photo Kim Acworth Profile Photo Jonathan Buzelan Profile Photo Charlie McClaskie Profile Photo
Anne Downing
Kim Acworth
Jonathan Buzelan
Charlie McClaskie
James Harman Profile Photo Elena Denza Profile Photo Rick Gilbert Profile Photo Christie Heiner Profile Photo Lisa Noeltner Profile Photo
James Harman
Elena Denza
Rick Gilbert
Christie Heiner
Lisa Noeltner


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