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How to Organise Your Office for Maximum Productivity [Infographic]


I’m a neat freak.

Many would say that’s a bit of an understatement preferring to label me as ‘O.C.D’.

Each to their own.

Whether at home or at work, I have always been a bit of a minimalist; preferring clean white spaces; never one to jump on the ‘organised chaos’ bandwagon; everything having its own spot on my desk or in my drawers including every highlighter and paper clip (I’m not joking).

Maybe they’re right about the ‘O.C.D’!

How you organise your office, cubical or desk can have a huge impact on your efficiency and effectiveness at work. Given that during the week you may even spend more time in your workspace than at home (not counting the time you are asleep!), it’s important that the environment is conducive to productivity at work.

Organising an office can seem like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. It could even be as simple as:

  • Rearrange and purge (I’m a huge fan of this!);
  • Renew old systems (spending less time on unnecessary admin);
  • Renovate communication (especially between team members); and
  • Renovate desk space (physically and digitally).

To help you take the first steps to a more optimised office, our friends at Make It Cheaper have put together this useful infographic for inspiration and an indication of where to start.


Paul Slezak

Cofounder and CEO at RecruitLoop. I've been a hands on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the recruitment industry for nearly 25 years. Follow me @paul_slezak.


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