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High-fives and celebrations for March 2016!

It’s the beginning of April, which means it’s time to look back and celebrate everything we’ve achieved in March!

Q&A Hosts!

Every Tuesday, Heather and Paul get together with our US recruiters for our weekly Community Q&As. Starting March, we introduced the idea of “guest hosts” for each week’s Q&A. We had 2 recruiter guest hosts, as well as 3 RecruitLoop employees who joined to discuss their function on the team. Every week we transcribe the conversation in Slack on our #loopers-chat channel. If you’re not in Slack yet, let us know! A big thanks and shout out to all of February’s special guests and hosts!

The Australian Q&A was on pause in March, and will be back in a bi-weekly format, starting Thursday April 14th at 9am Sydney time. We’ll have a special guest joining us from Australian startup VideoMyJob, so don’t miss it!

March Q&A Hosts & Guests:

Danny Powell Profile Photo Craig Jordan Profile Photo Trish Weese Profile Photo Jeff Dean Profile Photo Andrea Lodigiani Profile Photo
Danny Powell
Expert Recruiter
Craig Jordan
Head of Growth at RL
Trish Weese
Expert Recruiter
Jeff Dean
Sales at RL
Andrea Lodigiani
Strategic Accounts @ RL
 March 1st  March 8th  March 15th March 22nd  March 29th

Commission Graduates

When the calendar flipped over on March 1st, the new RecruitLoop Commissions went live. They’ve been applied to all projects launched from March 1st, 2016. You can get all the details here.

With our commission changes, we also introduced some changes to “levels”. We’ve introduced a new level called “Active”, and we’ve made it a bit easier to become a “Star”. As promised, graduations are happening a bit more quickly today than they have in the past. We’ve had a bunch of new graduates this month, take a look and cheer them on!

An extra special shout out goes to Tamara Blythman, one of the first recruiters to join our community. Today she becomes a legend, which is no surprise to those who’ve worked wit her. Tamara’s quality of service is truly ‘legendary’!

New “Stars”

New “Rockstars”

New “Legend”

Loop Leaderboard

In the Loop, our recruiters complete activities relating to RecruitLoop promo, proactive proposals, education, feedback and much more. These are the top 5 points-earners for March 2016. Go you good things!

Sandra Karamitelios Kim Acworth James Harman Profile Photo Deepa Surti Richard Sherman
Sandra Karmitelios
Earned 36150 points
Kim Acworth
Earned 36130 points
James Harman
Earned 23842 points
Deepa Surti
Earned 18900 points
Richard Sherman
Earned 11725 points

Top 5 Referrers of Recruiters

Another cool thing about “the Loop” is that it lets us track which recruiters have referred friends and colleagues to join the RecruitLoop recruiter community. These are the top 5 referrers of new recruiters for March 2016. Big thanks go out to all of them for helping our community grow!

Rick Gilbert Danny Powell Anne Downing Laura Labine James Harman
Rick Gilbert
Danny Powell
Anne Downing
Laura Labine
James Harman

March Top 10

As usual, we celebrate our top earning recruiters for the month of March. Huge congratulations to all of you!

Tamara Blythman Profile Photo Jonathan Buzelan Profile Photo Jeff Daspit Profile Photo Anne Downing Profile Photo Kim Acworth Profile Photo
Tamara Blythman
Jonathan Buzelan
Jeff Daspit
Anne Downing
Kim Acworth
Christie Heiner Profile Photo Trina Boylan Profile Photo James Harman Profile Photo Raphael Ineichen Profile Photo Bernadette Eichner Profile Photo
Christie Heiner
Trina Boylan
James Harman
Raphael Ineichen
Bernadette Eichner


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