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5 Best Practices For Onboarding Remote Employees

I’m down in Phoenix yesterday and today, mainly escaping a heavy snow storm in northern Arizona that threatened my abiltiy to catch a plane Wednesday.

So as a remote worker, I set up office where I can get internet- today it is at the Wildflower Bread Company in Tempe where I have been since 10:00am (it is now 3:00pm) but had a nice lunch here with my friend Shelley.

To be more than mooching a table, wireless and electric, I;’ve been keeping a steady flow of coffee.

It stays fairly busy here, ASU students to the left of me are cramming for an A&P final, couples are engaged in deepo conversation, business folks on their phones/laptops, a few yelling kids for the mix….

The other plus for this spot is the proxmity (next door) to one of the best ever local book stores, Changing Hands the descendent of the original landmark that was part of the old Mill Avenue scene in Tempe til it went all corporate/chain brand.

Michael Overell

Cofounder and CEO at RecruitLoop. Previously with McKinsey. Passionate about startups, health and technology. Surf when I can; ride a bike most days. Follow me @mboverell.


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