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Pamela Fleming

Pamela Fleming

Boulder, Colorado

I have more than 20 years in the Talent Management arena with a passion in IT Talent..

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My Recruiting Experience

After spending 20 years in the talent engagement/recruitment industry as a corporate executive talent manager, agency recruiter and talent engagement consultant, an innovative social recruitment style was born! I am passionate about engaging great talent and providing an extraordinary experience for the candidate and client. My strengths are diverse; I am passionately creative, resilient to change, and I have a spark and drive for process improvement and change management. I am well balance in determination and passiveness. I know when it’s time to push and when to find acceptance for where we are and where we are headed. I am a budget oriented talent manager, but know when it is time for investment in our product—Talent Engagement. I am an active listener and communicate effectively with my clients, managers and peers. I believe that every job is a campaign not only to draw talent towards the company, but to engage future customers and build an ambassador following within the marketplace. I plan and work hard to be ahead of the hiring needs of my clients. I research and watch for industry trends and make process improvements which position my clients in the right direction for the successful recruitment of world class talent. I understand and have expertise in labor market positioning, optimization and social media employment messaging. I have had the wonderful opportunity of leading large teams as well as working independently. I seek advice when needed and work hard to find solutions on my own. I believe a healthy and successful team is built on compassion, respect and one that supports each member to be the best they can within their expertise. I look forward to the opportunity of connecting with an organizations that embrace real human connection within the recruitment process and supports their employees to be the best that they can through partnership and respect. Warmly, Pamela Fleming Who I am: Results orientated Talent Engagement Professional, offering more than 18 years of progressive responsibility in corporate and agency recruitment. Consistently recognized as a strategic leader with the proven ability to design, build and re-organize recruitment teams to meet or exceed corporate talent objectives. Powerful decision maker who combines passion, integrity and exemplary leadership to manage complex projects from conception through completion. My passion is motivated by my commitment to quality and the customer experience. I am a strategic planner with a deep passion for recruiting, talent management and social media branding, with an entrepreneurial orientation. Personally, I am a certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and CPR/First Aid Certified. I am an all-natural organic gardener and lead an active organic lifestyle. I am lover of nature and balance my work/personal life with things that allow me to think clearly and creatively.
Roles hired:
Mobile Developers Java Developers .net Business Information Architects
Amazon Black & Decker Melaleuca Corporate Express Northrop Grumman

Where I work...

Boulder, Colorado
I have been recruiting remotely since 1999 and have served many industries and roles. My primary focus has been IT but I can source and recruit for any position in any location in the US.

Pamela and I have known each other for over 10 years and has provided an excellent slate of candidates. Pamela is an expert in finding great candidates that fit into the culture of the company. She is a great resource for companies that are looking for high caliber talent. Pamela is a pleasure to work with and an expert in the industry. February 15, 2012, Valerie was Pamela's client

Valerie Crespin Wells Fargo--Vice President, Human Resources Consultant, HTTP://, 

Please contact via LinkedIn for reference

Mike Green Melaleuca, VP of IT, LinkedIn profile

Jay Barnett Founder and Chief Products Officer at Decision Toolbox The sad news for Decision Toolbox is that Pam is no longer here. The happy news is that we now have the opportunity to work with Pam as our client at Melaleuca. If I had a critical position of my own to fill, I would be 100% confident putting the search into Pam's hands. She is smart, creative, professional and delightful. March 27, 2013, Jay managed Pamela indirectly at Melaleuca:The Wellness Company

Jay Barnette Founder Decision Toolbox, HTTP://, 

Xilin George quick, efficient, resourceful, one of the best recruiters I have ever encountered. March 18, 2013, Xilin was Pamela's client

Xilin George Pharmaca,, 

Farnoosh Farhidmehr Pharmacy manager Pamela has a great ability to get things done. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. She is a great recruiter that knows the talent. October 15, 2009, Farnoosh worked indirectly for Pamela at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy

Farnoosh Farhidmehr Pharmacy Manager, 
Positions held:
Corporate Executive IT Recruiter 2013 - 2013
Corporate IT Recruiter 2009 - 2010
Talent Management Consultant 2004 - 2009
Founder 1999 - 2004

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