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Team RecruitLoop

Team RecruitLoop

San Francisco, California

Shared account for Team RecruitLoop, looking for new legends to join in San Francisco, Sydney and elsewhere!

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My Recruiting Experience

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Where I work...

San Francisco, California
San Francisco, Sydney, Cambodia, Philippines, Belarus
We're a distributed team have flexibility / autonomy built into our DNA.

Joining the team at RecruitLoop has been an amazing experience! A very welcome and friendly environment with an exciting mission we seek to accomplish.

I've worked in both a corporate environment (a bank... *shudders*) to a 1-man consulting business and I have to say none of those comes close to the culture and awesome dynamic here at RecruitLoop. To be fair, one of the jobs I worked at had their HQ in Ukraine, specifically in Crimea. And...well. If you've watched the news at all, you'll realize why I am no longer employed there.

You'd be silly not to join the RecruitLoop team. Get on it! Now!

Rory John O'Brien Client Success/Marketplace Ops at RecruitLoop, 

I've had a few different careers in a few different industries, the most recent being at Amazon. Even though I loved Seattle, I left Amazon for RecruitLoop, and a year later, I still think it's the best decision I ever made. (Read more at

RecruitLoop is a really fun environment. We're in 4 different countries, but we still maintain great working relationships as we pull together this global business. Each new person adds a lot to our culture (and the amount we can get done!), and it's a lot of fun.

Jenn Steele Head of Growth, RecruitLoop, 
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.

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