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Freda Thomas

Freda Thomas

New York, New York

Proven six year track record of recruiting rock star candidates with a special emphasis on matching the proper behavior and skills.

HR Admin / Office Accounting / Finance
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200 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

HR Consulting Generalist overseeing recruitment, e.g. job analysis, job description creation, talent sourcing, interview application with url, pre-interview assessments including behavior and skills evaluations, background and reference checks, offer letter, on-boarding, rewards and retention programs, and off boarding. Service executed through the use of HR software platform designed by this HR Consultant.
Roles hired:
Office Manager Executive Assistant Sales Executive Sales Associate Operations Manager Risk Manager Financial Analyst Administrative Assistant
Citibank The Maids franchise GEM Technologies Paramount Construction
As a HR Consultant/Generalist, responsible for hiring rock star front office staff throughout various industries.
Roles hired:
Administrative Assistant Office Assistant Operations Manager Executive Assisstant
The Maids GEM Technologies
At Citibank, worked closely with the head of the credit card division on hiring initiatives which included recruiting Financial Analyst, Risk Managers, and Statisticians.
Roles hired:
Financial Analyst Risk Managers and Statisticians

Where I work...

New York, New York
United States: Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Atlanta, Florida, Massachusetts; Poland
I have been remote recruiter for three years by using key words to search resumes by geographical location

I've worked with Freda on numerous HR related projects. She's great at determining the right candidate based on skills and behavior. I value her guidance and input whenever I'm working on strategies for recruitment. She's the consummate professional and she really cares that each client acquires the talent they need.

There’s a saying, “you’re hired because of your skill, and fired because of your attitude.” Freda can help identify and develop those skills and behaviors which complement the organizations climate and increase its productivity.

William McNeal, LIA Licensed Agent Farmers Insurance | Personal & Business Insurance | Partner Everything DiSC, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Human Resources Consultant/Generalist 2011 - current
Business Support/HR Support 2003 - 2008
Certified Business Advisor 2011 - current
Human Resources Consultant/Generalist 2015 - current
Business Consultant 2011 - 2013
Technical Assistant Consultant 2011 - 2012
Lead Consultant 2009 - 2011
Business Advisor 2008 - 2011
Baruch College NYC 2009
Sate of New York 2009

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