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The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters [Free E-book]

The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters [Free E-book]


The challenges facing recruiters are steep. Bringing unfindable talent “home” to an organization that fits isn’t easy. While many recruiters still rely on tried and true traditional methods, those who want to compete in the modern tech landscape are finding new ways to source and place candidates.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed recruiting. But with so many available solutions, how do you know which will slow you down and which will support your work? Learning how to use new tools can be time consuming and costly with so many promises and pitches on the web.

That’s why we asked recruiters we trust to share their recommendations in our free e-book, “The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters”.

How Can You Use Consumer-style Technology to Change the Way You Work?

In each stage of the modern recruiting workflow, there are many tools that offer an edge. We broke down the recruiting process to these seven phases:

  1. Understanding the Market and What Competitors Offer Talent;
  2. Building Your Ideal Candidate Profile;
  3. Sourcing Candidates by the Hundreds;
  4. Getting Contact Information at Scale;
  5. Reaching Out to Candidates;
  6. Screening and Interviewing Candidates; and
  7. Verifying Skills and Experience

For example, did you know that getting contact information for candidates across social networks can be as easy as installing a free browser extension? Calendar managers that allow you to schedule meetings within your inbox, free video interviewing platforms, and tools that track email communications with candidates and allow you to schedule your messages supported by in-depth analytics are just a few of the ways technology can impact the way you work.

A Few Handy Tips

You might be tempted to jump in and give all 40 tools recommended in this e-book a try, but here are a few quick tips on how to make the most of this information:

  • Remember that tools don’t make or break any recruiter. This list of recommendations can change the way you work, but it won’t do your work for you.
  • Guard your time and ease into new tools to see how they support your workflow. You may want the edge of all the available technology, but many tools take time to set up and require some maintenance to work for your unique process. Give yourself some time to focus on each new tool you bring onboard and try to understand as many of its features as possible before moving on to the next. Over saturation of technology can consume a lot of your energy and time.
  • Reach out to recruiters in your network. If you’re contemplating your options between two or three tools that accomplish similar things, ask for recommendations on LinkedIn or contact recruiters you trust to ask if they have a preference or experience with the tools you’re considering.

Get the E-book

This compilation of 40 vetted tools, hacks to make the most of candidate outreach, and context for when to use technology to support your work is well worth your time. Download “The Agile Technology Guide for Modern Recruiters” today and see how modern tech can change the way you work.

In this 60-page e-book, you’ll find:

  • Seven stages in the modern recruiter’s workflow;
  • Technology recommendations for each stage;
  • An overview of features and benefits for each platform recommended; and
  • A printable, at-a-glance technology matrix of all of the tools included

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